Obama Utilizing Hitler’s Technique

January 17, 2013 at 3:00 am / by

Obama’s recent photo op, with children conveniently posed in the background, was manipulating his agenda into the lives of every law-abiding human being in the United States.  Adolph Hitler used the same tactics.  This president has no conscience whatsoever as to what he is doing to our rights, because when push comes to shove, he and all of his minions will still have theirs, including their right to bear arms.

So are the American people willing to lie down and surrender their arms–and their rights–to the government? Obama evidently believes that he should be able to get his entire agenda implemented, no matter what the cost, no matter how low he has to stoop and regardless of how many Americans are against it or how destructive it is to our country.

Heaven knows what the parents of the children who surrounded Obama in his press conference were thinking. At any moment, I was convinced they might pull their children out of the event, realizing that they were being used as political pawns. Unfortunately the excitement of their children being on television or “part of history” seemed to trump any trace of common sense or decency.

To the parents who allowed their children to participate Obama’s press conference:  Living vicariously through your children is not the way to accomplish your own personal goals.  Your children may rightfully look back on this with resentment, that you as their parents did your dutiful part in helping to dismantle the U.S. Constitution.

With the 23 executive orders that are meant to bring down the Second Amendment of our Constitution, we as a country are coming to a crossroads.  If the government can impede upon our Second Amendment rights, what is to keep them from doing so to our 1st Amendment rights, as well — or for that matter, any of our inalienable rights granted to us by the United States Constitution? It is a slippery slope. Do not fool yourselves. The intent of our own government is to dismantle this beloved document, amendment by amendment.

Written by Lisa Winne-Clark

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  1. dandeman says:

    clipped from above: This president has no conscience whatsoever as to what he is doing to our rights, because when push comes to shove, he and all of his minions will still have theirs, including their right to bear arms.

    News Flash: Can you please stop pointing all problems to the teflon leader and focus on the real people that are creating this problem. Jarred, Alexrod, Reid, Pelosi. Obama is nothing but an empty suit pushing other’s agenda. These people are NOT minions.. they are the propaganda pushers and are just using Obama as a front man. Stop Jarred and you stop Obama. Everytime you scream at the president – you will hit the racist firewall… Go around this. Find the dirt on his “minions” and stop them. His so-called minions cannot stand behind the racist card. By default you will stop this fakeTyrant.

    • Xman3 says:

      Good point dandeman. Also include the American idiots who re-elected him. After seeing 4 years of Obama and his administration, I can’t believe he was re-elected. I suspect massive voter fraud.

      • lara says:

        fraud rampant….in the swing states especially…this was know..why want something done???

      • I am glad dandeman point out that it’s not Obama that you have to blame for your issues. I just do not understand why you all don’t point your blame back at the republican party. They pick Romney the the king of not telling the truth. Yet you are made at people for election Obama when he was the better candidate.

        Maybe you all can help me out on this gun issues, I believe in what the both Rep and Dem have to say. Not so much the tea party anyhow here my issue:

        The Rep: are saying that It’s wrong to control, minimize, or regulate weapons.

        The Dem: are saying this need to happen to protected everyone.

        The Us constitutions say: Amendment II
        A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

        By reading what i just stated above, I think the government is with in it’s rights to regulate weapons in the united states. Here is the reasoning why I think they do.

        The Constitution says: you have the right to bear arms, but not what type of weapon, the number of weapons, or even the type of ammo for that weapon. Second, If laws are em-placed to keep honest people, honest. Those honest people decide they are above the law, does that government have an obligation to protect the remaining honest people? Is this reason we pay politicians? That’s just my thought however if anyone has something different and can can justify why the the government is wrong, please uncover my eyes.

        • Xman3 says:

          Daniel, if you think Obama was the ‘better candidate’, you need to cut back on the kool aid.
          We either witnessed Democratic election
          fraud nationally, or the alternative is 50% of American Voters are idiots
          (either uninformed due to the lame-stream-media bias, are educated idiots,
          plain stupid or just die-hard Democrats, no matter what).

          • The same can be said about Romney voters, Please when you talk to me actually put some thought in to your answers, You didn’t even read my whole statement. You really have the stones to call people uninformed or idiots


        • Mike Rogers says:

          Firearm parity with the government was what the founders intended. Everything except WMD is fair game.

          • I can’t agree, I don’t think the founder had any Idea the of that weapons we can create today. Semi-auto, Full-auto, Scopes that the see through walls, Clips carrying 100 rounds, Grenade launchers that can shoot exploding rounds, Bullets made to go through building, weapons that can shoot from a mile away and so much more. Many of these type of weapons can take out at least 50 people before reloading. In the United States who needs that kind of fire power beside the military?

          • Mike I understand why people are fighting the law revision now. From talking with the people I normal argue with. Their stance is “they do want to government to put their hand in the 2 amendment because once the government change it, the government may never stop. I understand that and I agree. although I wish 2 amendment was not so vague. I also agree with them about actually enforcing the laws we have and not making new ones. I may be mistaken but I did not see any of that here. those answers did not answer my questions in the above statement. Now I have another to add. How does today’s technology coming to play with the 2 amendment ?

            Your thoughts pls

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      But Obama calls the shots.

    • Mike Rogers says:

      Notwithstanding our assertion that Obama’s fellow travelers are very much part of the problem, it is clear that Obama himself is anti-American, and welcomes their help in dismantling this country.
      The nicest thing you can say about him is that he’s a committed socialist who actually believes he can create Utopia, because, finally, he’s smart enough to do it.
      The more accurate assessment is that Obama, who is NOT an American Negro, is deliberately tearing down our nation.
      I welcome the day when we can elect a black AMERICAN, to the office of president – this character is at best, half black, and half American.

      • Mike Rogers says:

        One exception. No dynasty, NO Michelle.
        For an understanding of why, look at the destruction in Argentina, where Nestor Kirchner was succeeded by his wife, Christina, and the middle class is now almost completely destroyed.

  2. Bob Grambsch says:

    Great thoughts. BUT, our inalienable rights are not granted to us by the Constitution or any other document or government. We are endowed with those rights by our Creator. The legitimate purpose of government is to secure and protect us from infringement or violation of those rights by itself or other governments, individuals, or groups. The U.S. Constitution is the finest document ever created by man to achieve this purpose.

    • Firestorm6 says:

      I think she knows that God gave us these rights, but for those who walk in the physical and not the spiritual. they do not understand this point and for the left this concept is as alien to them as trying to describe how a Warp Drive functions.

      • Bob Grambsch says:

        I cerainly agree with your points and I was not intending to be over-critical. My point is that no paper or government can grant (bequeath) us our inalienable rights (including armed self-defense), they belong to us because we exist, if not from God, then from nature itself. The proper function of gov’t is to guaruntee and protect those rights. I know i’m just being semantically picky, but I believe the distinction is important.

        • Firestorm6 says:

          It’s all good Bob besides we need discussion from all points of views. it makes us better debaters and more informed.

  3. b24gunr1 says:

    Obama claims to be a Christian. Baloney. No true Christian will support same-sex marriage, for the Bible makes it clear that marriage is between a man and a woman. His claim to be a Christianity is another of the many lies he has told. I’m a 91-year-old WWII vet who never dreamed he would see his country in the shape it is in now.

  4. Congratulations on the visual connecting President Obama to Chancellor Hitler. The Right will cry “Foul!” When they do, link him with Lenin, and then with Mao. Just use the facts, and realize that when the left howls, we’ve hit the target.

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      The left will cry “foul”. Tactics used by the left are taken directly from Saul Alinsky’s handbook. During the debate between Biden and Ryan, Biden, acting/ sounding like the drunk that he probably is, used Saul Alinsky tactic quite well…constantly laughing sneering, looking askance, rolling eyes, and interrupting and talking over the opponent. Those are also characteristics of ADHD.

  5. James Maxwell says:

    Americans, unlike Germans after WW I, are not quite as gullible but we have a large
    setment of our populiation that have been brainwashed since the end of WW II in our
    public schools. We have had a massive influx of teachers who are more socialist and
    liberal in their mindset and have ignored the struggle of our people to remain free and
    how we earned our freedoms. It is much easier to surrender and become slaves to
    corruption rather than up for something and be a free person. Since our nation was
    founded we have thrown off the shackle of a tyrante, slavery and intollerence, but now
    we are being faced with those who would surrender to a wannabe tyrant in Washington
    and socialist. This must not and cannot be tollerated by a free people. Freedom is
    not free you must work for it, shed blood for it and work for it each and ever day.

  6. rascallyrabbit says:

    States need to authorize the formation of militias with every gun owner in their states with a clean record. NOW

  7. Buck says:

    Unfortunately those who remember are mostly gone and our indoctrination centers never educated our youth on true history , only their socialist fantasies . Impeach the super a–hole in the White House NOW !!!

  8. Lisa Clark says:

    @dandeman: To release Obama from any liability due to the number of radicals in his cabinet (who I am of the knowledge are just as complicit), is to do exactly what the left has done, but for opposite purposes. So they are not blameless; but the article was about Obama and HIS procedures as compared to Hitler’s.

    @Bob Grambach: As to how our inalienable rights are granted to us; the word “inalienable” already means “God-granted”, so it would be redundant to state “God-granted rights granted by God.” The meaning is the same.

  9. Lolly Winne says:

    Excellent article!!! Couldn’t agree more!

  10. scotta says:

    Please, please stop getting this wrong. The Second Amendment does NOT give us any rights!!! It merely acknowledges our pre-existing (God-given, if you will) to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government.

    • Lisa Clark says:

      And you don’t consider that a right? The Second Amendment protects the individual’s right to bear arms. If you sweat the small things, you don’t get the big picture. The subject is the comparison between Hitler and Obama using children as props to get their agendas passed.

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