Obama Won– Now What?

November 7, 2012 at 5:00 am / by

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Here we are…as conservatives we have been dealt a great disappointment with the news that somehow, despite our best efforts as voters to show up at the polls, it was not enough to outnumber the people who think Obama is worth another term.  Quite frankly I believe many of us are still reeling from the shock and are now in the trenches of utter anxiety of what this man will now be capable of doing for the next four years knowing he does not have to answer to the people after his term is over.

As I wrote in a previous article, one of the changes Obama will make will be in the Supreme Court.  We have three (3) Justices who will be retiring quite possibly during his administration.  Since Harry Reid made it clear prior to the election that the Democrats would not work with Romney or the Republicans, he and his party will most certainly feel empowered to make the changes in the Supreme Court that will lean towards their ideology.  Who they will be looking at to replace the three sitting Justices will be an indication of how the rule of law will be decided for the next generation on.  One candidate I believe we will see come forward by Obama will be the Attorney General for California, Kamala Harris.  Harris has already expressed progressive decisions like not enforcing the immigration laws and that she is a believer of what Barack Obama stands for.  Recently in an interview with the leftist website “The Root”, Harris expressed her support of Obama’s policies:

“As attorney general of the biggest state [in population] in the country, when I look at what we needed to do to defend the president’s groundbreaking reform of the health care system, the Affordable Care Act, we fought to defend its constitutionality. And why? Because this president pushed through what administrations for 100 years had literally tried to do … and failed … That is one of many examples of how he has been a true leader in some of the most difficult times our country has seen.”

In the Democratic Convention Harris was one of the speakers and expressed that a vote for Romney would be a vote to “roll back the rules” and hurt our environment and women’s rights of protection of their health care.  Harris went on to say “when it comes to the housing crisis the choice between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is clear”.  Did Ms. Harris forget about Barney Frank and Chris Dodd or the others in her party that ignored the request by George Bush to reign in “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac”?  Or as other democrats do, does Ms. Harris forget her party even existed in majority during the last 2 years of Bush’s presidency and the first 2 years of Obama?

Another possible candidate for the Supreme Court would be the very liberal Diane Wood, who was appointed by Pres. Bill Clinton for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.  One of the biggest concerns to know about Judge Wood is she believes in the importance of “expanded executive power”. Other names that have circled the wagons: Denise Jefferson Casper, J. Michelle Childs, Pam Karlan (with at least eight others)but one thing to remember is the next choice for Obama will more than likely be liberal leaning, female and black.

The next plan Obama will look to take advantage of is furthering his goal for a “single payer option” for healthcare.  Barney Frank made a very telling statement when interviewed recently about a second Obama term and this would most certainly be on the top of the list for the Democrats to attempt.

Energy plan for Obama’s next four years will continue to wage a war on coal, deny drilling permits on federal land and more taxpayer money will be funneled to green energy companies who helped in his re-election success.  Unions will also see more jobs in manufacturing, teaching and infrastructure in states that are friendly to them.  You won’t see a lot of taxpayer funding helping employment in these areas in right to work states.  Unions are now empowered because just like the green energy lobbyist, Trumpka and his cronies will now have four years of dominance to exploit.

Foreign policy will also see Obama taking more of a “lead from behind” approach and we will certainly see a continued rise in the Muslim Brotherhood both in Africa and the United States.  Putin will get his wish granted and Obama will continue to downsize the power of the United States in nuclear warhead capabilities.  Obama’s goal will be to bring our number of warheads to around 300.  The tragedy behind the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi will play out in Congressional hearings, but like Fast and Furious, without Republican control of Congress we will see more executive orders from Obama protecting his administration.  The media will continue to cover for Obama because in their minds they helped Obama to win re-election and 2016 will be in their sights for another Democrat as President and Clinton’s (Hillary) name will be the front runner.

The progressive ideology will also continue to grow and reach a power we have never witnessed.  Policies Obama will implement will grow the entitlements even further and the Government will explode during his last term.  The Republicans will continue to fight in the House but because they could not gain seats in the Senate, they will simply be promoted as they were the first four years as “extremists” and Obama will simply act with executive orders to bypass the House.  Harry Reid will still remain as the Senate Leader and a budget will never be passed.

If what I have said so far sounds identical to what we have lived these last four years that is because it will be a repeat, like a bad remake of a horrible original movie.

However all is not lost!

What Obama and the progressives do not consider in this whole moment of celebration is the “power of the people” will begin to stir.  That’s right; I predict we will see an uprising with the American people who see Obama’s final term as the end of America as we know it.  You will not see a civil war because the American people will once again come together in peaceful assembly as the even bigger and better Tea Party.  There will be rallies, demonstrations, and I even predict we will also see even more Conservative TV.

The rise of the social media will be with the conservative and libertarians and they will outnumber the progressive cable stations.  You will also see even more talk radio power on the airways and an even bigger movement streaming live on the internet despite Obama’s attempts to take over.  Conservative women will be the largest group driving this effort and I truly believe will lead in this movement.  All is not lost when you have the power of intelligent conservative women standing up for the challenge.  Sarah Palin was just the beginning and “mama grizzlies” will come out in numbers greater than the women who stepped forward and saved the American industry during wartime.

Finally, you will also see the American people move even closer to their faith.  Families will begin to once again see the value of faith and freedom and they will come together at the dinner table, remembering when the simpler times in life were the happiest.  Because so many will still see struggles economically during the next four years, we will also see life go back to the basics and the power of prayer and our faith is what will ultimately carry our country through.

Let us all begin now by bowing our heads and praying for each other and for strength for the next big movement!



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Michele Holt

South Carolina PolitiChick Michele Holt served as producer and co-host of a popular Fox News affiliate station WNRR1380. Michele interviewed such guests as Ambassador John Bolton, Newt Gingrich, Economist Peter Schift, Fox News contributor Eric Rush and many more. Currently Michele works as a social media political strategist for various state and local political campaigns as well as a small business owner; who, along with her husband Dr. Joe Holt, operates Pine Heights Adult Day Center in North Augusta, South Carolina. Michele's articles have been seen on the Daily Caller and several other conservative media sites. You can follow Michele on Facebook and also on Twitter @mychel and see more of her writing/articles on her website

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  1. MassAlex says:

    Great comments! I agree.People have to be put onto their knees before they are able to really SEE. I believe this will happen. Americans in the end will act to save our Country.

  2. jammer says:

    Get ready to live life as they did in Nazi Germany. If you are expecting assistance from the jellyfish in congress, don’t hold your breath,because you will turn a funny shade of blue.

  3. Joel Patti says:


  4. msconservative says:

    It is truly a very sad day for America. I lived in an era when people were well versed on the issues and problems facing the country and were able to see through the lies, corruption, weakness, and overall inepttitude of an administration. Their love of country drove them to understand the issues and realize that the U.S. IS exceptional and looked to for real leadership. Barack Obama is going to take us down a very dangerous road and I see nothing but a bleak future for this country.
    May God bless America.

  5. DrewbeScrewed says:

    This is what you get when you flood the country with illegals, Immigrants from socialists countries, the deliberate dumbing down of America and our educational system.

  6. ginger says:

    I am in mourning for our country….already the markets are selling off and now the chances of more good jobs for people are tanking….I will lean on The Lord and keep my head down. I feel that since the majority of America has forsaken God, he is leaving us to our own devices and we will reap what we have sown. God have mercy on us.

    • Jillian says:

      I’m also in mourning for our America, for the nation we knew will be gone within the next four years. I am making myself a black armband and intend to wear it everywhere. Also I’m having a bumpersticker made: “In mourning for America.”

  7. Bob Marshall says:

    How can so many voters be so ignorant when it comes to what Obama and his administration has done to America and will continue to do because of their ignorance. As the saying goes, We ain’t seen nothing yet. Norah Webster said, ” If we vote an immoral man into office we are a traitor to our country.” America has more loyalist than patriots. Loyal to the government but not the country. It was the patriots that formed this once great nation.

    • Jillian says:

      The blacks are loyal to their race.
      The welfare riders are loyal to anyone who allows them to live without working.
      The political grafters are loyal to anyone who will line their pockets.
      The sodomites are loyal to anyone who paves their way to approval of their immoral lifestyles.
      These are the ones who reelected this immoral man, who came into office by lies and chicanery. And still no one knows who he is or where he came from.

  8. Ort says:

    Tea parties and rallies will accomplish nothing. God has judged this nation and given her a leader she deserves–not wants–deserves.
    This nation has turned its back on God, and has instead embraced violence, paganism, homosexuality, and hedonism.
    We are no better, nor any different, than Israel who turned her back on God time and time again. Each time, God brought judgment upon Israel until she sought forgiveness.

    But it is too late for America. God has been trying to get our attention for the last 20 years and we have not listened. The removal of the Ekklesia, the Church, is the next thing to happen. After that, judgment upon the entire earth.
    After the stupidity I have seen in electing this foreign born muslim h omosexual, I cannot say I much care what happens to this filthy, degraded, Godless country from here on out.
    To those who will be left behind: you have nobody to blame but yourselves. May God have mercy on you.

    • dHb says:

      BULL!! Do not use your distorted self righteousness attitude to blame God for the outcome of the election. God had nothing to do with it! What church do you belong to, Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s or Westboro Baptist?

      • Unfortunately, Ort is right. God does not violate our freedom, because freedom is His image implanted in us. We have chosen to gratify every base desire rather than raise children in virtue and understanding. I didn’t sleep much last night, and asked the Lord to show me that He was still with us. He reminded me of the Babylonian exile, when the entire nation of Judah was lost, the ten tribes of Israel lost before. Within a generation, the faithful Jews were restored to their homeland. Five hundred difficult years later, Jesus was born and redeemed the world. Keep your faith in Him before your eyes at all times. Be faithful to His commandments regardless of the cost. He is with us, the good and the bad.

        • dHb says:

          Well, sorry Regina but I do not believe that you and Ort are correct in your skewed worldview based on the mythology and superstition contained in the Bible and it makes me wonder what your response would have been if Romney had won and God had done what you prayed for instead of not doing it. God does not violate our freedom because he has given us free will to choose what we will, for better or worse and he does not interfere with it and he does not reward or punish us in this life for the choices we make.

  9. now we have become a big government entitlement nation and the end of America as we know it

  10. Gordon Adams says:

    I am angered and have been totally ‘blindsided’ by this re-election bid. Something is very seriously wrong here, there is no way in ‘hell’ this guy could have won with the deck so heavily stacked against him …… the economy, gas prices, Benghazi-gate, Fast & Furious, operating under a false identification, an unverified birth certif., false SS#, etc., etc.. I’m telling you, we’ve been played … again ! I betcha 10 to .0001 it was stolen, but because this whole ‘government thing’ is a well oiled machine with alot of money and many who are complicit to the agenda who’d you otherwise think was someone to believe in. The only way at this point is what we did once before ….. take matters into our own hands and break away from this tyranny.

  11. joe says:

    We are now officially a stupid nation. 14% unemployment,
    16 trillion in debt, 50% of the people are bottom-feeders that pay no
    income tax and we re-elect a jerk muslim and his court
    jester v.p. We are no longer the USA. We are now the UASS, The Union
    of Amerikan Socialist States. God help us.

  12. dHb says:

    Now what you ask? Well first we all need to prepare for increased activity by Islamic militants worldwide and here at home who have been and will continue to be abetted by Barry Barak Hussein Soetoro Obama.

    Second, we need to begin immediately to rally support for the election of “true” conservative republican senators two years from now and regain control of the senate which will emasculate Barry’s agenda in his last two years.

  13. dHb says:

    It was those who only had thoughts for themselves and their “entitlements” that voted to re-elect this total disgrace of a POTUS. I am tired of hearing about the Hispanic vote, the black vote, the woman vote, the gay vote, the union vote, etc. their narrow little minds are only concerned about what is in it for them and the hell with everyone else. The motto of Kentucky has never been more prophetic and true: “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.

  14. nanlie says:

    I am devastated. As a 69 year old senior citizen, I have tried to sustain my own livelihood by starting up a website and at great expense during the past almost two years, I continually pay monthly tech support fees and merchant account fees while still working to get status with search engines. The people I work with are in WA and another investment (meager)… was with a company in NV. Both of these contacts have failed me in one way or another and I believe anyone in this country who tries to make it the good ol’ fashioned American Way… is doomed to fail. I will no longer work with anyone who resides in a liberal state. They are selfish and basically stupid with no understanding of what has happened to our great country. What will focus on now is making this Administration accountable for the devastation they wrought upon the people… like seeing to it that the people responsible for the murders of Brian Terry the Border Patrol agent and Christopher Stevens the Ambassador in Benghazi as they watched in real time. Fast and Furious was a deliberate attempt to violate our 2nd Amendment rights to bare arms by hiding the sales of guns to drug lords… The whistle blowers all testified and this bunch of jack booted thugs all pushed these investigations on until after the election. Well the election is over and now we should finally vet this incompetent bunch and make them answer to the public.
    I give up on trying to have the “great unwashed” masses become educated to the plight the majority of us suffer (including minority groups)… to let them know they are following a false God and will never get anything from this deity except more hardship and the death of the “golden goose”… I guess the only fair way to deal with elections now is to get rid of the electoral college. Every vote should count and it doesn’t…

    • ML says:

      i am also a senior citizen and I conquer with you. I am devastated. I do not understand America any more. I guess the progressive in the last 50 years have succeeded in dumbing down Americans. The result last night was the proof. I cried myself to sleep last night, this morning my heart is very sad and in pain. Shame on all of those that voted for this disputable and despicable man.

  15. unbridled says:

    We’re just a couple of Supreme Court appointments from the end of the USA as we once knew and loved it! Keep your scrap books close to your heart. It’s over! Game time!
    Let them go ahead and down size the military. I dare them! People get assassinated for things like that, don’t they? I can’t imagine why anyone would want to joint up now anyway. College education? For what, to become a good little liberal slinging hamburgers near an OCCUPY rally. Or maybe wind up on a skate board with a cup full of pencils and a ‘Please Help’ sign around your neck?
    This country goes out of it’s way to put our kids in harms way to satisfy it’s need for greed and lust for power that just a few get to enjoy. Guess what? This country’s not worth all that anymore! The proof was handed down last night.
    WE ARE THEIR PAWNS and that’s exactly how they see us………………

  16. Jillian says:

    Beautiful article, and the last part actually made me feel less like slashing my wrists, that there might be hope. What worries me is that Obama did so much harm to our nation in the first four years, how much more will he do by the end of this term. The disappointing part of the election loss is knowing that we were the minority and the majority won — the majority being second rate Hollywood actors, political grafters, illegal voters and sodomites. A sad time for America. All we can do is pray, until that freedom is taken from us.
    I think another name should be added to your list of brave conservative women. Gov. Jan Brewer.

    • pat78 says:

      I don’t think we are the minority yet. If the GOP would have allowed Independents to stand side by side with them, we would have won!

  17. Ken says:

    The American people have again been duped into believing a lie. How many time does
    this demonic beast have to tell these blantient out and out lies before they all wake up !
    He lied his way into the nomination 4 years ago. He has lied about EVERYTHING ener
    since. Who is his daddy ? Where was he born ? There are too many wheres and whys
    that he has lied about. And you still want him for another 4 years ? You are all so stupid.
    Wait for a few months and see what this beast has for you. I’m telling you, you will not be
    pleased with what he has planned.

    • ML says:

      Ken I agree with you. To all those that voted for him shows your ignorance. You will be sorry in a couples of years when you finally realized what that man is all about. the lies, the corruptions, the cheating, the stealing, etc etc

  18. Don says:

    We are already past the tipping point of losing the American that we knew. Republicans will not regain the White House or Senate in 2016. Remember FDR was a total failure in ending the Depression and he too was as ecomonically ignorant as Obama and yet he got elected over and over and over again. We won’t have a World War to save us. Happy thoughts won’t save us.

  19. Stealth says:

    You know? It is perhaps that TRUMP was correct in stating that we need a revolution?

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