Our Big, FAT Issue With Michelle Obama

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Angela K. Love is the State Director of PolitiChicks, South Dakota. She is a full-time student in her senior year at Columbia College pursuing Bachelor degrees in Business Administration in both Management… More

By Angela and Hannah Love

My daughter’s week is usually filled with her doing her studies until about 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, attending a one and half hour swim practice four days a week, and going to church on Sunday.  We run errands and do house chores on Saturdays.  She eats about a 1,500-calorie diet, which consists of eating fruits, veggies, carbs, and protein.  She loves watermelon and blueberries!  At swim practice, she usually passes most of the kids in her group when they are swimming laps.  Hannah is three inches shorter than me.  She wears Women’s size 11 shoes, and I wear a size 7 ½.  What makes her different and why I am writing about her?  In my mind, nothing, but in Michele Obama’s mind, she is overweight and I need assistance in helping her slim down.

Like most women, I am concerned about my weight, and interestingly, when I talk about dropping 20 pounds, everyone panics and says, “From where?”  When my daughter discusses losing weight, the ‘knowing’ looks abound.  What makes three inches so different in how our weight looks on each of us? The answer is our bone structure!  Has Michele Obama factored bone density into her idea of the ‘perfect’ size?  My daughter, bless her heart, inherited her 6’3” father’s big boned features.  She is not tall—yet–but her bones are thicker, and mine are small.  Hannah realizes she will never be small boned like me.  She also realizes that with a size 11 women’s shoe, she will most likely be tall, which I unfortunately will never be.  Hannah understands our bodies are made differently and we carry weight differently, but the FLOTUS doesn’t seem to get it.

In a day and age when New York fashion runways and Los Angeles television shows are beginning to embrace the “plus size” woman, it’s disheartening for the First Lady to bring divisiveness and discrimination back to the topic.  Does she understand she is directing a negative focus toward overweight kids?  Kids in the schools are revolting against the new “healthy” lunches and who is to blame?  Michele Obama, right?  That is who the kids are blaming now, but what about four months from now?  Remember P.E. in school when one person didn’t give as much effort or was talking when they weren’t supposed to be, and the teacher made ‘everyone’ run laps?  All of the kids sneered and made comments at the kid who got all of them in trouble.  The idea was to use all of the well-behaved kids to straighten out the one, misbehaving kid.  Is Michele Obama trying that logic with school lunches?  At some point, thinner kids will begin to blame bigger, overweight kids for their lunchroom blight.  Ridicule and peer pressure will be at an all-time high for kids like my daughter to lose weight.  I liked Michelle Obama’s “Get Up & Get Moving” initiative until she decided she knew better than Hannah’s doctor and I about how to help Hannah, and other kids, get thinner.

My daughter’s weight issue should be between her, her doctor, her father, and me.  Hannah’s doctor (and we have talked to several over the years) says, “Don’t put her on a diet.  Once her hormones kick in, she should sprout, her metabolism should speed up, and she should slim right down.”  With that being the goal, why is it any of the government’s business to tell us how to deal with her weight?  It’s not!  With Michele Obama using her power to get government bureaucrats to regulate calories counts in school lunches, she is only bringing more attention to kids like Hannah.

When I asked Hannah how she felt about the news about limited calories in school lunches with foods like hummus and black beans, she had a lot to say.  I asked Hannah to put her perspective in writing; here is her side of the story:

“I am overweight and I am not lazy.  Not all overweight kids are lazy.  I am on a swim team and go to swimming practice four days a week, play in the back yard with my dogs, and help with chores around the house.  A lot of people are saying that all overweight kids are lazy, sit on the couch all day, and eat junk food and drink soda.  My parents do not keep junk food and soda in the house. 

It is sad to see the direction our country is headed with the government now trying to control what I can and cannot eat as a kid or what adults can and cannot eat.  People in New York cannot buy large sodas anymore and Michele Obama is deciding kid’s lunches at schools. This creates an intense focus on overweight kids like me and it feels like we live under a microscope.  News reports are getting bolder in their statements about overweight people. 

The other day I watched a news report on television.  They showed a picture of the military with the caption that read, “Fat kids can’t serve.” I imagined, for a moment, that some kid somewhere, named Billy, was sitting at home watching the same news program as me.  Billy is probably bigger than most of his friends and has dreamed of going into the military.  Then Billy sees the news where “fat kids” can’t serve.  His dreams are crushed!  I found the statement to be mean, rude, and very upsetting, especially since I am working so hard to be healthy with what I eat and in doing exercise.  Kids, like my fictitious Billy, do not want to be told what they cannot do, but what they have to do to accomplish their dreams. 

I would appreciate if Michele Obama would get out of my kitchen cupboard and let my parents and I work on my weight issues…. privately.”



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Angela K. Love

Angela K. Love is the State Director of PolitiChicks, South Dakota. She is a full-time student in her senior year at Columbia College pursuing Bachelor degrees in Business Administration in both Management and Finance. For over five years, she has worked as a licensed Commercial Real Estate agent in the state of Colorado, has owned her own real estate company, and has been a managing partner at Phang, LLC, a home-based business specializing in Commercial Underwriting. Angela was an Assistant Producer for "The Dr. Gina Show" and continues working with her as an Assistant producer for Dr. Gina's YouTube Channel."

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  1. Angela – awesome story. My thanks to you and Hannah for sharing. She seems to be a beautiful young lady inside and out!

  2. Great article! tell your daughter the Politichicks love her and let her know how awesome she is for sharing her thoughts with us…I see a Jr. Politichick in the making!

  3. Such a beautiful, honest article. Thanks Angela & Hannah, you’re our PolitiChick Heroes of the Day! ;-)

  4. Great article! I wholeheartedly agree!

  5. jdl says:

    The issue for obesity is EBT cards. Lets survey what the government is providing for the people who have others pay for them.

  6. Courtenay says:

    What a beautifully vulnerable and honest article! I find Michelle Obama’s focus on the numbers on the scales to be such misplaced attention and an attempt to distract Americans from the important numbers like, deficit, unemployment rates, or entitlement spending (I could go on with this list but I’ll stop there). Your daughter seems like a beautiful, strong and level-headed girl who has been raised with substantial values! I am in complete agreement that Michelle Obama needs to stay out of people’s kitchen cupboards and let parent’s raise their own children! For Hannah to realize that in spite of the pressures around her, says a great deal about her character!

  7. Sonya Sasser says:

    Hannah, you just keep doing what you are doing! I was a dietitian until I was promoted to ‘stay-at-home’ mom, and I can tell you that you probably have a lot of muscle from swimming so much. Muscle weighs more than fat. Since your dad is so tall, you may very likely hit a ‘growth spurt’ and shoot straight up. The same thing happened to my nephew (and, he also wears a size 16 shoe!)…It’s not the government’s job to tell you how and what to eat. Besides, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. God bless and GREAT article, ladies!!

  8. Barbara Cook says:

    well FLOTUS should def understand that people have different bone structure and body type. Very well written article. Great article and well written – love what your daughter wrote :)

  9. jaminon says:

    Having three babies, two which were over 9 pounds, and one over 10 pounds. Two were rolly-polly babies, all the way through High School. Then all of a sudden, their hormones DID kick in, now all three are lean, slim, and eating machines. If I limit their calories according to the President’s wifes guidelines, I would be arrested for mal-nutrition.
    Wake UP America!

  10. Ah… Le Grand Michelle. Her poor body is host to an obese ego.

  11. bigmike says:

    I am a 6’5″ father, my wife (the mother) is 5’10″… my 10 year old is
    5’2″ and 100 lbs.. she is solid and athletic, but not obese… yet
    according to Mooochelle Obama she is extremely overweight since her
    useless system does not take into account genetics and height.

  12. Michelle Parkin says:

    Angela…I couldn’t agree with you more! Your daughter sounds wise beyond her years for an 11 year old! You should be very proud of her, and thanks for speaking up! Hopefully this situation will be remedied VERY soon……come on election time! I did learn that at least most of the crazy executive orders and such will become NULL and VOID on the firing of our current (so-called) commander in chief.
    And, by the way…..LOVE plitchics!!

  13. Great article, Angela and Hannah!

    Thank you, Hannah, for speaking from your heart! Don’t let Michelle Obama judge who you are. You’re right, “Chicklet” (love your t-shirt). It’s none of the government’s business. Keep on doing what you’re doing~~working hard at exercising and eating right.

    The son of a friend of mine works at a company who supplies food for school lunches. Several months ago they received a letter from Michelle Obama who said they were ordering too much sugar. Scary thought that the government is preying on private enterprise.

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