Passing the Benghazi Buck

January 23, 2013 at 7:28 pm / by

As I stand in front of the television watching the hearings on Benghazi, I think that even more than a conservative activist, a patriot, an American citizen, it affects me as a mother. Do people really believe Secretary Clinton as she changes her story in an attempt to “pass the buck” right in front of the American people?

If you recall, initially a bulletin was sent out to the media that the cause of the attack was due to a homemade anti-Islam video made by a guy in his bedroom. Next we hear riots formed due to this video and therefore angry protestors swarmed and overtook the embassy. Then we hear there was not sufficient security due to budget constraints, some blaming the left, some the right and their lack of wanting to work toward a budget that benefits all involved. Now I am listening to the “official” hearings and all I hear are new scenarios, blame shifting, lies, and a complete lack of responsibility being taken.

Secretary Hillary Clinton sits in her chair and with a smug smirk she is spewing lies, twisting truths, and blaming everyone, anyone, but herself. This lack of judgment, knowledge and responsibility would be cause for severe discipline in my own household, yet Clinton laughs it off, condescends and changes the subject with what appears to be little to no consequences. When finally confronted by her GOP “disciplinarians” about what truly triggered the attack, a pithy yet irresponsible response is given: “What difference, at this point, does it make?” She continued, “It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again.” All I can say is that if my child ever disrespected me with a response like that, he would be hard pressed to see the light of day again until he reflected on and improved his character and word choice.

The power these politicians are using to distract and deceitfully redirect in order to shift the blame–now apparently onto some innocent intern down the line that “didn’t deliver the cable” in time—is nothing short of atrocious to me.  They opened the hearing by focusing on Clinton’s work in Africa, offering sorrow to her because this is her last appearance as Secretary of State.  One California Congressman called Clinton her “daughter’s hero”, all attempting to pull on the heart strings of the American people instead of focusing on Clinton’s patronizing tone and web of lies.  This is irresponsible, damaging to this society and unacceptable. Yet the majority of America stands by, dismisses any truth that has been brought up by the Republicans and applauds Clinton’s feistiness. Are we that desensitized, America?

I can’t help but wonder what kind of example this is setting to an up and coming generation, the ones who watch what is going on, who hear the radio when their parents have it on in the car, and who are the next line of leaders and voters in this country. As a political activist for all things conservative, a believer in the absolute truth of God, and as a mom who is raising children in this declining country, I am appalled. As a mom of three, a teacher of teens, and a counselor of those struggling to find truth and learning to be discerning in this world, I find what is going on in our current administration criminal.

You can only pass the buck so long, Hillary, until its horns come back to meet you when you least expect it. That may not be today, tomorrow or even in 10 years, but judgment, karma or whatever you want to call it will come. There will be consequences.

We cannot stop Congress, the Administration, or local politicians from being misleading, deceitful, and passing that proverbial buck. But what we can do is be aware of their tactics and fight to not become desensitized to the truth. Be active, research and dig for the truth, and most of all be responsible moms, dads, teachers and mentors and use these moments as teaching moments. We need to teach our children that lying and deceit comes in many forms and that our government is not to be revered as a people greater than us. Remind them that they work for us, that we vote them in and out, and most importantly that they are men and women, not gods or saviors.

I pray that our nation one day be restored.  I, as a mother of three sweet, innocent children, will continue to pray for it, fight for it and hope for it. I will continue to teach my children that there is one and only one God and Master and that “passing the buck” is unacceptable for anyone of strong character. It is (past) time to rise above and encourage this up-and-coming generation to be better than what we see in our government and on our television screens. It’s an uphill battle but worth it for our next generation of citizens and voters. God bless.

Written by Dr. Bridget Bell Melson

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  1. JDMedia says:

    Great point Doc. These Godless, immoral Left-wing radicals care nothing for our children. If they did they would be stealing from them too. Good article

  2. Lainie Sloane, CA PoltiChick says:

    Excellent! Thank you, Bridget.

  3. M2 says:

    Well said!

  4. Flunking_retirement says:

    Its really sickening . You cant tell me they didnt know what was going on. The question that bothers mke is, why? Why did they set there and let it happen, knowing full well, there would be questions. Disgusting. Thank you for speaking out, Maam.

    • wearyconservative1946 says:

      Why? Well, let me start by saying Hillary isn’t the one we should be blaming, but moving on, from my point of view, there are two main reasons. Number one, obama would never go against anything these dirty savages do. And number two, it’s just one more installment of his blatant, in your face, ”na na na na na na, ha, see what I’ve done and what I’ll get by with, and isn’t it just too too bad for you that there’s nothing you can do to stop me.’
      The evil one wanted the questions. He wanted to lie, and to know that WE know he’s lying, so once again he can just laugh, flip us the bird and continue his climb toward a dictatorship.

      • Flunking_retirement says:

        Exactly! And because truth and honor play by the rules, the classic scenario continues, at least until someone finds Achille’s heel. Yep. Cynical, but your quite right I fear.

    • Robert Kay says:

      Why did they let it happen. You have to reflect on the times. Obama needed something to make him look like a hero. This was suppose to be a simple hostage situation. One in which Obama becomes the hero for negiotating a deal for the release of hostages, much like Carter/Reagan did for Iran hostages. But some how the rioting got out of hand. Those ex-Seals were not suppose to intervene. They did and that angered the opposition. They killed everyone because they felt betrayed by Obama. It was a lesson to Obama. And much like Fast ‘n Furious the truth cannot come out.

      Hillary just happens to bump her head and is hospitalized. Then she suddenly develops a blood clot. Bull. They needed time to train her. They need her to tell their story, not the truth. She knows what happened, Obama knows what happened, Holder may or may not know, and Biden, as usual, is clueless about anything cause Obama and the Brotherhood do not trust him not to blab. But Hillary cannot tell the truth now because she could be convicted of perjury.

      If American elects her to the Presidency in 2016, I have a feeling one of two things WILL happen. Either there will be an uprising to take the country back, or the United States will be a Liberal States of America because most Conservative will increase the population of places like Canada, France, Spain, Greece, etc.

  5. caskinner says:

    Love it Dr Melson!!!! As I have commented before they can run but they can’t hide. Almighty God knows what happened and His judgement will come to pass. This gives me some comfort.

  6. ltbrown says:

    What do you mean “should have been fired”? FIRE her Congress! Vote a “NO CONFIDENCE” resolution with a a ‘push stick’ of “or we will file Treason charges” to back it up.

  7. Kent2012 says:

    hillary’s new job on the “view” awaits. now she can hob nob with stars everyday

  8. Dr,Bell Melson,Unfortunately I think that you forgot that,last year.At the Democratic National Convention they decide to take G-d and,Jerusalem out of their platform!

    How else do you explain the shape of America now?

    Dictator Obama from day one has LIED to,the American people!!So Hillary is only following in his footsteps!

    The Dictator stands behind same sex marriage,besides abortion!No matter how late all against G-d’s word!Abortion is murder of an innocent life in G-d’s eyes!!

  9. Mac says:

    I wonder if Hilary’s memory has improved since all the scandals of her husbands ‘administration’ . As I recall,whenever she was asked anything she didn’t want to answer, her response was “I don’t remember”….

  10. WinterHawk Cote says:

    There is a man that ca tell what really happen that day and who in Washington set it up he is a retired 4 star Admiral named James Lyons if you can get hold of Sen Rand Paul from KY tell him that he needs to talk to this man before something happens to him ashe can tell them who set it up and why he did

  11. I can’t stand that Hillary phoney laugh

  12. Barb Patton says:

    I for one could not expose myself to that horrible evil woman’s blatant and public lies in front of 313million Americans (not counting 11million illegals or more). She is disgusting and is certainly not a woman of honor , truth and integrity. may God have mercy on her rotten soul. I for one hope and pray that Americans WILL NOT EVER EVER EVER VOTE FOR THIS WOMAN. I also hope that somebody is going to grow some cue balls in their Fruit of the Loom and hammer the living sh@t out of this woman.

  13. Georgiabelle_mom says:

    “What difference, at this point, does it make?” —– Seriously, Hillary? It is highly likely that had the truth about Bengazi come out before the election Mitt Romney would be President right now. And that would clearly make a huge difference to all of us who don’t want to see this country destroyed and our children made into permanent debt slaves.

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