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PolitiChick Gina Loudon RNC Outtakes

September 15, 2012 at 10:56 am / by

PolitiChick Dr. Gina Loudon REFUSES to be stumped in these ‘outtake clips’ from her recent RNC trip.

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  1. Christa Talbott says:

    Terry, you GO GIRL! Make more of those necklaces! I cannot believe how popular they are becoming! Man I’m jealous! KIDDING! wait, no I’m not. LOL. Love ya babe.

  2. Wendy says:

    Awesome necklace! Everyone needs one :-)

  3. HearMeOut says:

    Okay …..Now I want one dang it! Awesome!

  4. The sweetest lady gave it to me at a book signing I had at a church. They are Swarovsky crystal and she makes them by hand. If you really want one, DM me on Twitter @DrGinaLoudon and I will get you one. EVERYONE comments when I wear it They really *bling*!

  5. 1gentready says:

    I thought about the words I would like to say but I do not want to go to jail so I will say jest a few words if it does any good. I was looking to find something that Mitt Romney had to say and there is absolutely nothing I can find so if the Liberal Media wanted to use Mitt’s words against him they can’t. I Know that Mitt Romney See’s reports I know he watches the news at least a little bit but I am very sure the people he has hired to help him see everything. Mitt Romney’s people are either totally Incompetent or they do not do there job or Mitt Romney is a total Idiot and these Republicans like to run for office but they don’t want to win the race they jest like the run. Well you stupid bunch of ignorant Bast#### stop waisting the people,s time and get the hell out or start making some kind of effort today one way or the other. Who the hell do you think you are that you do this to people that are giving all they have to get you elected and you jest piss the time away and say I will create jobs I will not raise taxes dammit use that brain God gave you and start telling the people what the hell you are going to do don’t jest say I will create jobs or I will lower your taxes. Are you that stupid you can’t imagine what that sounds like when We the People hear that. We the People have heard the same bull so many times and we are suppose to jest say OK and let it go at that. Tell us what you are going to do how are you going to do it. We don’t need a full line by line of what it is but we need more than jest I will create jobs and I will lower taxes. We are not as stupid as you think we are damn give us some kind of Idea or get the hell out of our lives so we can pick someone that will tell us what they will do.

  6. Teri Ann says:

    Hi Mitt fans!!! Thanks so much for the great comments. I am the one one that made the necklaces, and I have several more available. Please e-mail me at with your info and I would love to bling you too!@#*. Happy voting!

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