Sen. Dems Vote for African American Children to “Die Quickly”

March 25, 2013 at 9:50 pm / by

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North Carolina Politichick Elisha Todd is on a mission to convert liberals to the truth of Conservatism. She is an unabashedly Christian Tea Partying Reaganite. She holds a Master’s in Education and b… More

Back during the Obamacare debate in 2009, Florida Representative Alan Grayson stated the obvious. The evil Republicans hold Americans to the impossible standard of not getting sick.  When inevitably we fail in our personal responsibility to follow that dictum, these same heartless Republicans then demand that we “die quickly.”

Four years later, and thanks to “a sort of god” ” as CNN’s Evan Thompson so eloquently and understatedly put it, we now have Obamacare. Now, praise to Obama, no American ever has to get sick or die again! But what will happen with those “death panels” even the New York Times admits we need? Oh well, that’s just an inconvenient admission of truth, so we’ll ignore it like the rest of the media.

Anyway, someone needs to alert former Representative Grayson that his Democrat party has been hijacked. During a week that those stalwart Democrats were busy fighting for traditional American values such as healthcare for illegal immigrants, a split in the time/space continuum occurred. Democrats voted against a budget amendment to grant the gift of Obamacare and the gift of life (but I repeat myself) to African American children.  I know, I know, I couldn’t believe it either.  Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson must be spinning like rotisseries six feet under.

How many African American children will die as a direct result of this evil action may never be known. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration or a stretch of the Progressive agenda imagination to say every single one. But we do know that two little girls are doomed. For the sake of their anonymity we’ll just call them Sasha and Malia O.  I don’t want to point to any alleged root causes, but we all know it’s racism.

This week while our fearless leader was heart-to-hearting with the Israelis on how much our two backwards, racist, Islamophobic countries have in common, he again used his daughters (coincidentally named Sasha and Malia, if memory serves me right) as an object lesson:

“… those of us in the United States understand that change takes time but it is also possible, because there was a time when my daughters could not expect to have the same opportunities in their own country as somebody else’s daughters.”

If only President Obama had known that at this very moment the US Senate was voting to deny “somebody else’s daughters” their own personal slice of the American dream. I’m sure he would personally intervene just like he did when those Cambridge police officers acted stupidly  or his imaginary son was murdered in Florida.

But perhaps it’s not too late. Call your congressional representative at once and demand that the innumerable benefits of Obamacare be extended to all members of this administration! Sasha and Malia are counting on you!





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Elisha Todd

North Carolina Politichick Elisha Todd is on a mission to convert liberals to the truth of Conservatism. She is an unabashedly Christian Tea Partying Reaganite. She holds a Master’s in Education and blogs under the moniker “El Tea.” She is the founder of The Vigiladies, a Conservative women’s action support group, and a member of The League of Extraordinary Women. She is a contributor to the online Rowan Free Press and The People’s Cube. Follow her on Facebook at

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  1. “Spinning like rotisseries” has got to be the best line I’ve heard all month! Well said! The whole article, not just that part.

  2. rroro527 says:

    It’s always best to get to a point rather quickly in an article , so we
    know what we are reading about .. I actually had to stop reading this at the”
    rotisseries line “, lot of fluff no details, I lost interest

    • If it was anti Republican’ts, and Pro Demonrats you would have read it three times, shared everywhere, printed it out and posted it on bulletin boards, telephone poles, a copy on the night stand for quick reference and finally a few to keep folded in your pocket to pass out.
      This is what happens when we go from a Republic to an ever more Enslaving Fraud Democracy and a grubbermint that is stealing to do “charity”.
      Republic RISING

      • Al Roberts says:

        rroro is right and Vital is wrong. There were NO details and as a consequence, I am sure there was deception in the article.
        Just tell me how the Republican Amendment was supposed to save African American children. From this article, you can’t. And IF the amendment was for that purpose, why was it for Afican American children ONLY. That would be discrimation.
        Something is rottenin Denmark.

        • rank says:

          You apparently have a problem reading and thinking at the same time. The article was based on sarcasm, and the fact that the Democrats in the Senate would not agree to participate in Obamacare, rather than the plan they so enjoy! The Democrats passed Obamacare, and they should be mandated to use it!

        • Right says:

          The African American children being discussed are Obama

        • voter suppression says:

          Liberal Democrats Hate the Truth and they hate anyone who disagrees with them.
          Conservative Republicans Love the Truth and they Love everyone, even those who disagree with them.
          really you could not understand the well written article.

    • voter suppression says:

      “The Chicago Times detailed, “The cheek of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly, flat and dishwattery [sic] utterances of the man who has to be pointed out to intelligent foreigners as the President of the United States.” Boy, were they wrong; Lincoln’s address became one of the most famous presidential speeches in American history.

      Regrettably, greatness has passed before them, and they have failed to recognize it.

      Could it be that you you lost interest in the truth as well?

  3. sue says:

    What B.S. ! Obama care was created to be socialized “medicine”. There are death panels that will decide the fate of any one who is old and happens to have a chronic disease. The panels will decide to elliinate ” the useless eaters”. and deny any medical treatment to those who are elderly and considered to be a “drain” on society.

    • Al Roberts says:

      And EVERYONE, including you sue, will eventually become part of the “useless eaters”. LOL

    • Teh Duck says:

      Yes and even the disabled. !930s in Germany they used genicidal medicine on anyone not approved to live for the sake of medicine. They made great living practice manicans, were free and there were many. The Nazi Party benefited from these experments with better medical practices. Yeah just the elite benefited. with Obama Care the same exact thing will take place. Happy health care!!!!

  4. Barb Patton says:

    iF THE TRUTH BE TOLD – AND THE LEMMINGS OPENED THEIR EYES AND EARS, THEY WOULD REALIZE THAT IT IS NOT THE WHITE PEOPLE PER SE THAT WANT TO GET RID OF THE BLACK BABiES but the very one that they have voted for, and, whom they look up to as their god. Genocide is murder – whichever way you cut it, and a baby is a baby is a baby, I for one do not care about the color of the baby – I care about the fact that the murder of innocents and these babies are being used as sacrificial lambs to their god the latte one – obama. God help America.

  5. Gym Shu says:

    It had to be the White half of BHO (Back Hole Obama) that wrote this part of the bill, you know, the only side that can be racist.

  6. I believe their plan is to hit us from all sides with so many un-Constitutional proposals, laws, exec orders, etc. that we will not know what to fight first. Good luck with that one, Commies.

  7. Al Roberts says:

    Something is wrong with this article. It states a premises, that African American children will be deprived of health care, but does not give the specifics.
    This leads me to believe there is deception in this article. PROVE ME WRONG.

    • rank says:

      Let me explain. Obamacare is such a wonderful program that EVERYONE needs to participate in it…. even those in Congress, President Obama and his family, and all government workers. However, this past week the Democrats in the Senate voted down a Republican amendment that would have mandated the participation of all of the above participate in Obamacare. Either Obamacare is only good enough for the rest of us, or the Democrats are restricting themselves, the Administration, and all in government from having access to Obamacare. Could it be that Obamacare is actually inferior to what they now have? Two of the black children that are not being allowed to participate are Obama’s daughters, along with other black children of those in Congress and the Administration. Are they being denied quality care….. or are the rest of us that must participate in Obamacare being denied? I believe it is the rest of us that are being denied!

      • We are the ones that get this crap. Obama & all those politicians will stay with what they have or even better while we die

        • rank says:

          Right on! And…. for the majority of us it WILL NOT BE FREE. In fact, our premiums will more than double or triple! Remember Obama’s own statement in 2009 that He and Congress already have excellent insurance, and to provide that to everyone would never be affordable!

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues says:

      My health insurance company now has a $50 limit on monthly medications. My premimums will be raised. Didn’t Obama say that there would be a decrease in health insurance costs under his “leadership?” My wife’s physician said that she will retire if the National “Health Care” is put into effect, because it wouldn’t be worth her time and irritation to endure the hassle the bureaucrats would cause her. Obama’s National “Health Care” is now estimated to cost three times what he said it would. Who’s going to pay for that? Guess? Ironically, there will still be some people who won’t be covered by National “Health Care?”

  8. This is Obamas pay back to America for allowing slavery and other social injustices and there are more and more section 8 people living in America and voting for Obama also Facebook, Aol,Huffpost, Media,and now Patch just delete posts on the issues they don’t agree with is Un-American.

    —–Original Message—–

    • leefromok says:

      Slavery still exists around the world, –mostly among Obama’s friends.
      If the debtor is slave to the lender, our great grandchildren have been sold into slavery. –And Obama has certainly done his part.
      Search YouTube for (The Corporation Nation Master (2010) – Full Length) to learn how we are owned.
      Search YouTube for (Georgia Guide Stones population reduction) to understand that they really do want people to die more quickly.

  9. don says:

    Obama’s daughters are enjoying the things that very few children will ever see or enjoy like spring Vacations Vacations to the Caribbean resorts at tax payers expense. But even worse than that his children are allowed to take twenty five of there friends to these places with them at the Tax payers expense. This is the real Barrack Obama the very same Dictator as any of them around the world. Barrack Obama is building his own wealth at the expense of the Poor and Middle Class people right here in the United States. Barrack Obama is worse than any Dictator that is mass murderers and that is Barrack Obama so when are all of the Cartoon watchers going to wake up and smell the Cocaine or the Pot whichever they are using. More than likely Obama is the one that has imported that Cocaine or Pot into the United States that is destroying the minds of our young.

  10. donna says:

    What exactly are you talking about? What did the amendment say? I tried googling and did not come up with anything that made sense.

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