St. Louis: Hub Of Islamic Social Media Dominance?

February 24, 2013 at 12:32 pm / by

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CAIR Missouri

Information dominance is how radical Islam plans to execute their plans for world dominance. A main component of their strategy is to surreptitiously influence state and federal governments to absorb acceptance of Sharia in the culture and the courts. And they plan to use social media to prosecute those who oppose Sharia.

Several states, including Missouri, have over the last few years attempted to provide blockades and find fixes to the infiltration of Sharia Law into the American justice system. As the question on the constitutionality of considering foreign laws becomes more controversial, CAIR St. Louis doesn’t waste the opportunity to take advantage of a good crisis.

Faizan Syed, the executive director of CAIR St. Louis, has been an outspoken critic of any attempt to curtail the advancement of Sharia and has long used internet and social media to advance his message. He now asserts, on his twitter feed, that the Islam and the Muslim movement should take a page from the Pentagon playbook to use social media to drive their message. And that message should be, according to Syed, to monitor the internet, and use it to prosecute anyone who posts anti Islamic/Muslim content there.

“Report anti Islamic and anti Muslim content on the internet to appropriate authorities to take action to remove it and go after those who post it online and prosecute and take actions according to the Shariah ruling.”

In the documentary Civilization Jihad St. Louis Exposed, it explains information dominance as: “If an enemy can determine how we perceive the threat they pose, they enjoy a potentially decisive advantage. … Information dominance can determine our understanding of the enemy’s threat doctrine. … Failure to recognize the existence, let alone the immanence of a threat can render you unable to counter it.”

The documentary goes on to highlight the contradictory messages from promoters of Islam and factual translations in the Quran. Usama Dakdok provides the following quote from the Quran:  “I have been commanded to fight people until they testify to the fact that there is no God but Allah and believe in me. I am the messenger in all that I brought.”

Dr. Shayesteh, former Iranian Revolutionary, states in the video:

“Radical Muslims are the best Muslims according to Quran and to the tradition. So I said to myself like many other students, if we are Muslim, we have to be radical Muslim. The best way to please God for the radical Muslim is to, you know, cache the government/governing of the country, to rule the country, to reject all the non-Islamic forces or nominal Islamic forces. Because Islam is a political religion. The ultimate goal is to capture the country, to capture the world, to rule the world, to rule the country. So that’s why we were thinking we were pleasing Allah, and doing everything for his cause.”

There is more than enough information floating in cyberspace for Americans to understand that they must look past surface presentations of political correctness by, Muslims and non-Muslims, and realize our culture, civilization and our government are being attacked and dismantled from under our own noses.


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Lisa Payne- Naeger

Missouri PolitiChick Lisa Payne-Naeger is passionate about all things related to influencing the configuration of our culture … family, education, and politics. This homeschooling mom and former school board member is a divorced mother of two teenagers. She has pretty much navigated through every stumbling block possible in her quest to raise and educate her children. Her crusade to make the world a better place for her children has led her to scrutinize, very closely, the directorate that steers society, and then try to change it into a more citizenry friendly nation.

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  1. Slowly, patiently,they will change local law to Sharia…Then the liberals can say “These people are chopping off the heads of Gays ” -That will wake up the PC crowd-but too late..

  2. Deb Noble says:

    What a bunch of control freaks!!!!!!

  3. Liz Trent says:

    It’s not a matter of if, but when, Faizan Syed will be deported. He is a leading member of Hamas which is the parent of the front group CAIR, and was created by the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR is on it’s last legs. Faizan is a foreign agent from a terrorist group, a jihadist, and an enemy of the American people and the US constitution. I heard he is being surveilled by the FBI. To learn more about CAIR go here:

  4. klly_hckmn says:

    Good reporting, Lisa. People aren’t listening and this creeping sharia takes over like the kudzu vine.

  5. UNHATER says:

    Great reporting Lisa. Glad we have people like you my friend on TPC…

  6. RJ Katz says:

    Islam should be outlawed as a threat to the Republic. Like Facism and Communism it is antithetical to the Republic. Sharia law is not compatible with the law of the land.

  7. liberty49 says:

    Did you hear all the liberal idiots applauding? Wonder how that girl in the short skirt will like having to wear a Burka?

  8. Don says:

    The Muslims have one of the biggest supporters right in Washington DC in the white house named Barrack Obama and another is valery Jarrett the real President.

  9. Gaines Bruce says:

    Sharia law is the goal of the Muslim population. that and the extermination of Christianity. For you liberals, no gays or atheists are tolerated either. In short all of US society is threatened by Muslims and Sharia law. The penetration is getting deeper and deeper into the US society and now reaches all the way to the White House. People need to wake up.

  10. marineh2ominer says:

    Sharia law is the law of SATAN , Gods law is not a law of barbarism and hate as is sharia . sharia is the law of the most evil entity on earth ISLAM !

  11. mesaman says:

    Coming soon!! Renaming St Louis to Abu Mecca, then the city’s anthem, “Abu Mecca Blues”, followed by Amman Sharia ben Camela Poo as the new “imam”, or “caliph”, or
    “ayatollah” of mecca on the mississippi.

  12. EHeassler_USNRet says:

    I will say nothing against Islam. However, I think Muslims in the United States should be deported. End of U.S. controversy.

  13. krisg says:

    islamic law belong in the islamic tribes..not the US

  14. causingfitna says:

    ATTN: Lisa Payne-Naeger – the following video is from FEB 23rd, 2013 at UMKC, Faizan Syed was part of the Q and A session. Also, I have email exchange from ISGKC and myself, they admit Faizan is an extremist, Gov. Nixon should know this.

  15. All good muslims are dead muslims.

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