Teetering On The Fiscal Cliff

December 10, 2012 at 5:00 am / by

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“When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind. “ –CS Lewis

As we teeter on the edge of the “Fiscal Cliff” created by the political establishment on both sides, it can be most entertaining to watch the theater ensue.

Both the Rovian GOP elitists and the Democrat Party would love to believe that somehow the last election was a mandate for politics as usual, the abject elimination of the Tea Party, and zero accountability for the power structure inside the Beltway, but it only proves their imperialistic arrogance to assume something so errant. Never underestimate the collaboration of the elitist left and right.  And never overestimate their misunderstanding of the political pulse.

Imagine for a moment Rove running rough shod over the will of the people again, with another nomination of a moderate so squishy they slip right through the slit in the election box.  Again.  With a success rate of a whopping 1%, why do Republican candidates continue paying Rove and his minions stationed in states all around the country?  He is paid—win or lose.  Why?  If the Tea Party is gone tomorrow, what is to stop another catastrophic election in 2014?

Recently, on Fox Business Channel, I spoke about the work that needs to be done and the messaging that should be used to convince voters and win in the future.

The “low-information voter” that I referred to in the video is the target of our message.  Unfortunately, not everyone is a news junkie.  Conservatives make the continual mistake of “preaching to the choir” instead of “reaching the lost.”  To win, they will have to change that.

Smart conservatives know they lost badly this time around, but they also know that they could have won with a solid, conservative message, and a solid, conservative Presidential nominee. They know that politics is cyclical. They know better than to take the blame for what they did not do.  Further, and more importantly, they know the blood flows hot and red in a patriot. They have faith in God, the Constitution, and their guns to defend all that the Founding Fathers imparted to America.  Smart conservatives remember that they elected Reagan, that they were responsible for the 2010 conservative power launch, and they are quietly, and gradually working behind the scenes to take back an exceptional country that rightfully belongs to the patriotic.

This is no time for conservatives to stand down.  The arrogance demonstrated by the establishment demonstrates a moment of vulnerability and opportunity.   Conservatives have the answers to the economy, the debt, and yes, even the fiscal cliff.   This is the time to communicate with voters—while they are relaxed and watching the cliff divers jump.  Every moment of every day will provide evidence of the mistakes of the last election, and voters will be primed and ready to reclaim a country of accountability, personal responsibility, and liberty in 2014, if conservatives communicate steadfastly and effectively now.

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Dr. Gina Loudon

Dr. Gina Loudon is the host of Smart Life with Dr. Gina on MoneyBizLife Network seen every weekday in cities around the country on BizTV and heard on the BizTalkRadio Network. She is a frequent guest on Fox News and Fox Business Networks and has appeared on other networks including Al Jazeera and Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Dr. Gina is a psychology expert, anchor, WorldNetDaily and columnist, and is the co-author of Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor. Her new book (co-authored with Ann-Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany) What Women REALLY Want comes out later this year. She also appeared on Right Wing News' list of hottest female conservatives in new media. Dr. Gina saw the inside of politics while spending 14 years with her husband, Senator John Loudon, in the Missouri state capitol. She moved to Southern California in 2012 to fight the culture war and began with a bang by doing a prime time ABC reality show.

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  1. Lainie Sloane says:

    So true! Excellent! The C.S. Lewis quote is perfect! I watched your interview on FBN! Great job as always!

  2. catnip24 says:

    you fight fire with fire. the problem with republicans is they fight fire with a squirt gun. if you’re taken into the trenches to fight then you’d better get even dirtier and meaner than the liberal maniac you’re fighting.

    forget all of these superficial pledges and pledge only one thing. no mr nice guy. the mr nice guy attitude caused republicans to lose in 2008 and 2012. show some backbone. stand up to the obama and his henchmen and lead a frontal assault against these liberal communists/socialists.

    • boccagalupe says:

      Right-as-rain, catnip,…but will our congress ever learn that? If learned will they practice? I doubt them more and more.

  3. here is the solution to the Fisical Cliff make all the politicians take a !0% cut in pay and benefits and apply it to the deficit

  4. John Thiel says:

    You just refuse to accept the blatantly obvious: The vote is RIGGED and both ‘parties’ are well aware of it. The pitiful few who oppose them are useless until we all swallow THAT pill. Obama BARELY won by voter fraud in 2008, and MASSIVE voter fraud in 2012. And the ‘republicans’ are not calling them out on it? Seriously, there is NO PEACEFUL means by which we will remove this muslim from office. THAT is our reality, and it is a hard pill for most to swallow!

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