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I cannot lie…this really infuriates me. Of all the unjust policies written by the Obama administration over the past four years, the HHS mandate FORCING Christians to provide contraceptives, sterilizations, and chemical abortions against their will, is unconscionable to me. How can a so-called “Christian” president ever so blatantly violate the religious freedoms of his own spiritual siblings?

Now, Christian-owned businesses like Hobby Lobby are forced to defy the federal government in order to remain true to their religious beliefs, at enormous risk and financial cost.

According to Breitbart:

“Hobby Lobby is wholly owned and controlled by the Green family, who are evangelical Christians. The Greens are committed to running their business in accordance with their Christian faith, believing that God wants them to conduct their professional business in accordance with the family’s understanding of the Bible. Hobby Lobby’s mission statement includes, “Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company … consistent with Biblical principles.”   

The HHS Mandate has already gone into effect as of Jan. 1, 2013. However, on December 28, 2012, Hobby Lobby announced that they “will not comply with this mandate to become complicit in abortion,” which the Greens believe ends an innocent human life. From

From Breitbart:

Given Hobby Lobby’s size (it has 572 stores employing more than 13,000 people), by violating the HHS Mandate, it will be subject to over $1.3 million in fines per day. That means over $40 million in fines in January alone. If their case takes another ten months to get before the Supreme Court—which would be the earliest it could get there under the normal order of business—the company would incur almost a half-billion dollars in fines.”

We already understand President Obama’s stance on birth control or abortion. We’ve actually heard him call an unwanted, unborn child “punishment”. We know he’s perfectly comfortable with unborn children being eradicated by Planned Parenthood–but we’d think he would at least take a stand to “secure” the religious freedoms of his fellow Christians. He just doesn’t seem very interested—which brings many of us to question whether or not President Obama is even a Bible-believing Christian at all.

We already know how he openly mocked Christians during his 2008 presidential campaign. Addressing his San Francisco audience, he remarked how they “bitterly cling to their guns and their religion”. This raised a ‘red flag’ among Christians who believed he was one of them.

Many were willing to give (then) Senator Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt, taking him at his word that he was indeed, a Bible-believer (who just happened to sit in the radical, America-hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church for over 20 years, somehow without hearing one single word of hate Reverend Wright was spewing).

But actions speak much louder than words, especially since Barack Obama has been elected as our president. Not only do the Obama administration’s policies make us all wonder if he is even a Christian at all, but they make many of us question whether or not he actually has disdain for his fellow Christ-followers.

For argument’s sake, let’s just take a step back and look at many of the actions his administration has taken to understand why so many Americans have come to the conclusion that Obama is the most anti-Christian “Christian” president in U.S. history:


  1. Most Bible-following Christians believe that life begins at conception, and they stand for the protection of (unborn) human life. Obama has not only helped propagate abortion, but even as a United States Senator, he desired absolutely no restrictions on abortions and their providers (including practices where babies who actually survive abortion–are left in utility closets to die without any treatment). Now as president, through his new healthcare law mandates, Obama is forcing Christians to actually provide abortions against their own conscience (as already mentioned).
  2. Obama has been working to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, known as D.O.M.A., which was made law to protect the most important institution in existence, the family, despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans believe it is necessary to protect marriage and family, which is based in Biblical truth.
  3. The administration has tirelessly pushed its “class warfare” rhetoric, oftentimes falsely demonizing “the rich,”claiming that their wealth was only acquired by exploiting and taking from the downtrodden (and not by the hard work of their own hands, which has most often been the case.) For the past four years, his gospel of “class warfare” has been creating hatred and division among the “haves” and the “have not’s,” even within the Christian community. Stirring up hate, dissatisfaction, and especially envy, the Obama administration has been very successful at seducing Americans away from their inner dependency on God, and creating a massive voting bloc of people who are dependent on government instead.
  4. Obama’s expansive Nanny State also interferes with the proper role of the parent. The Bible places the responsibility of raising children on their parents, not on society, or on the civil government. So, the more the administration’s big government programs ‘step in’ to take on the role of the father (or mother), the less the parent is taking on the responsibility that the Bible has clearly delegated to them. In many cases, the Nanny State is even luring fathers out of the homes, creating single-parent environments. We can clearly see how the breakdown of the family unit is destroying our nation.
  5. Since the founding of our nation, churches have used charity as a way to spread the Good News of Christ to those in need. Charity is given in Christ’s name to not only meet the needs of the poor, but to spread and evangelize God’s Kingdom through our witnesses and shared blessings. But President Obama sees charity as government’s responsibility, erasing the need for Christ through his entitlement programs. Over the past four years, government has increasingly become god, giver of all blessings. Needless to say, this god of government is leading our nation right into the cesspool of moral decay.
  6. Obama repealed the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy within all the military branches of the United States, despite overwhelming factual evidence as well as common sense that this action would severely damage the cohesiveness of the military. Obviously, cohesiveness is crucial for the military to operate. Without it, we will become second rate, and defense of the U.S. National Security will be greatly compromised.
  7. The administration used every devious trick to pass through its unjust healthcare law, even though there are terrible aspects of this law including: the appointment of a “death panel” (IPAB-Independent Payment Advisory Board to determine whether our seniors are cost effective enough to medically treat or not) which now actually has more legislative power than Congress.
  8. Obama is selling out the National Security of the United States to the Russians, despite of his moral obligation as president to keep Americans safe. Now that he has the “flexibility” he promised Russian Prime Minister Putin he’d have after his reelection, he has already begun steps to reduce our nuclear weaponry.
  9. Obama has also been successful in changing the Bush administration’s rule that protected healthcare workers who will not participate in medical activities that violate their consciences.
  10. When speaking at Georgetown University (April 2009), Obama ordered that a monogram symbolizing Jesus’ name to be covered when he making a speech.  For a “Christian” president, one would think he’d want our Savior to be glorified.
  11. In 2009, as a calculated insult, Obama nominated three pro-abortion ambassadors to the Vatican. Of course, the Vatican, not surprisingly, rejected all three ambassadors.
  12. In May 2009, President Obama refused to host an official service in the White House for the federally established National Day of Prayer. The National Day of Prayer was first established in 1952 by President Harry Truman, and every president since Ronald Reagan has participated in it. Obama is the first president to refuse participation.
  13. On October 18, 2010, when quoting the Declaration of Independence, Obama intentionally excluded the phrase “the Creator”.  He stated:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that each of us are endowed with certain unalienable rights…”  (This was of course, passed off as a “mistake” by the White House Press.)
  14. Another revisionism Obama used was in November 2010, when he used the National Motto, saying it is “E pluribus Unum,” which means Out of many, one,” rather than “In God we trust” as established by federal law.
  15. Obama has openly supported the passage of non-discrimination law that would remove all conscience protections in hiring in both the public and private works. This is most damaging to religious organizations whose hiring frequently includes individuals who lives are consistent with Christian principles and teachings.
  16. In February 2012, the Obama administration announced that a change to the existing student loan forgiveness program whereby student loans are forgiven in exchange for public service. Under this administration’s new rule, student loans will no longer be forgiven in exchange for public service if that public service is related to religion (even though public service is a vital part of religious organizations). This is a rather odd policy for a so-called “Christian” president.
  17. Under the Obama administration, the Department of Veterans Affairs (June 2011) censored prayers during funeral services at the Houston National Cemetery by banning the names “God” and “Jesus”.
  18. Under the Obama administration, the U.S. Air Force cancelled a nuclear missile training course  (August 2011) at a base in California taught for more than 20 years by military chaplains because the course included Christian content.
  19. Under the Obama administration, the Commander at Walter Reed National Military Center issued guidelines in September 2011 stating: “No religious items (i.e. Bibles, reading material, and/or artifacts) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit.” Fortunately, several congressmen denounced the guidelines on the House floor, and the guidelines were immediately rescinded.
  20. In an opposite way the Christian religion is being hindered (in the military) by this administration, The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO (November 2011) spent $80,000 to build a “small Stonehenge-like circle of boulders” as an outdoor worship center for earth-based” religions-pagans, wiccans, druids, and witches.
  21. Under the Obama administration, the Air Force removed the Latin phrase “Opus Dei,” which means “Work of God,” from the patch of the Rapid Capabilities Office.
  22. Under the Obama administration, the Army ordered Catholic chaplains (in February 2012) not to read a letter at Catholic masses that their Archbishop instructed them to read from the pulpit.

These are only just a few of the assaults that our “Christian” president has launched on his fellow Christian siblings. If he has done all this in just the first four years, I don’t want to imagine what offenses he is planning in his next term.

Even Obama’s radical pastor Jeremiah Wright told author Edward Klein:

“And even after Barack and Michelle came to the church, their kids weren’t raised in church like you raise other kids in Sunday school. No. Church is not their thing. It never was their thing….But, the church was an integral part of Barack’s politics. Because he needed that black base.”

Sounds like Obama’s own pastor (of twenty years) may actually doubt that Obama ever really “bought” into the whole Christianity thing.

So, here we are today, with the most anti-Christian “Christian” president in U.S. history whose administration is creating policies that violate our religious freedoms. What on earth do we Bible-believers do now? Well, I’m no priest or a preacher, but this is what I personally plan to do in 2013:

First of all, I need to remind myself that God is still in control.  Daniel 2:21 says, He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them.”I can’t help but to believe that God has a specific purpose for this particular season in our history. It’s a matter of trusting Him to guide us through the turbulence, even when we don’t understand the “why” or the “how”.  In the meantime, I will pray for our president, that he has a change of heart.

Secondly, I am committed to spreading the Good News, in spite of opposition. I am a stumbling sinner, just like everyone else. But thankfully, we have a compassionate and benevolent Creator who loves each one of us in spite of ourselves. As Christians, it is vital (now more than ever) to continue sharing this message with others, at all costs.

Thirdly, I will stand firmly with fellow Christians (i.e. Hobby Lobby) in the non-compliance of unconstitutional laws that violate our religious liberties. If we all don’t stand together now, we will all soon be living under the dark cloud of tyranny. This is our (all Bible-believing Christians) very moment to unite as one body.

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.” 2 Corinthians 3:17.


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Sonya Sasser

South Carolina PolitiChick Sonya Sasser has conducted enormous research and has written numerous PolitiChick articles on topics such as: the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, the erosion of personal freedoms, the unique power of county sheriffs, the Constitution versus U.N. treaties, Benghazi, terrorism, Mexican drug cartels, and various political candidates. Sonya has also conducted exclusive interviews with: well-known gun rights advocate Nikki Goeser, Catherine Engelbrecht of ‘True the Vote,’ OK Congressman Jim Bridenstine, N.C. Senate candidate Molotov Mitchell, U.S. Senate candidate Nancy Mace, Madison Rising’s lead singer Dave Bray, and many other distinguished subjects. Sonya has been a guest speaker at the South Carolina ‘Guns Across America’ rally and various Conservative radio shows. In addition to her efforts to save our Republic, Sonya is a Christian, a wife, a mother, a registered dietitian, and a fashion and fitness guru. She’s infamous for being ‘that chick who runs a lot’ and loves sharing her fitness tips with others! Sonya is also the creator and administrator of Breakthrough Nation, a Conservative blog that reaches thousands of Patriots across the nation. If you ask Sonya why she spends so much time on the political battlefield, her response will most certainly be, “I do it for my children.” She feels it is her duty to preserve and protect those precious freedoms that have been endowed to every American by their Creator.

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  1. James Maxwell says:

    The current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave has never been a Christian, he is but a
    pretender who joined a church that proclaimed to be Christian run by the Rev Wright.
    Even Rev Wright admitted that for osocialst to join the church he had to modify his teaching
    to make it acceptable to the muslim. He has used a pretense of being Christian to gain
    acceptability in society and as a tool to slither into the political arena. With the help of
    the Chicago political machine, UNION thugs and many other Anti American groups and
    people he has lied and cheated his way into the Liberals hearts. Little do they realize
    what will happens if and when he has the ability to declare martial law upon the land and
    cause the Civil War he is hoping for. At that time they will be come useless to him and
    he will put them in the FEMA (Concentration Camps) that have been built around our
    nation. The fools who have followed him have not paid attention to the deceptions
    of the past in such places as China, Russia, Germany, Italy and many other nations
    around the world where dictators have overthrown the people to enslave them after
    confiscating their weapons and rendering them hapless. Wake up America and
    pull your head out of your anal passage to see the writing on the wall.

    • NoSurrender says:

      Exactly right James Maxwell.

      Its almost too late now with the damage that has been done.

      The left has deliberately debased the office of President by the actions of its immoral holders of the office. The scandolous Clintons ( yes both of them ) have helped debase American Society.

      Obama has finished the job. Wrights Church is not identifiably Christian in its Theology and teachings. No is Clinton or Obama in their core beliefs.

      Barry Soeto is a drug addles muslim kid with a chip on his shoulder and a hatred of not only the USA but western Judeo/Christian culture in general.

      That Obama has succeeded so well shows how far into a post Christian miasma the USA has fallen.

      Given that well regulated militia are a 2nd ammend, privilige its time to form or join one.

      No one is compelled to obey unjust laws so ensure that Hobby Lobby and the Churches dont have to by massive acts of civil dosebedience.

      Take to the streets and out occuppy the occupiers.

      Clean the Marxist/Atheist filth out of schools before they damage another generation.

    • Do you all really believe this? I might be on the wrong site, Can any of you give me an example that the president was not forced or justified to make. Or an Issues that MAJORITY (majority, not one group) of Americans did not want? if you can you will the winner and stay I off this site. If not, all I want is you to admit that every issue in the United States is not because of Obama

      • James Maxwell says:

        Daniel if you go back and review what obama has said on more than one occasion he has admitted that he is a muslim. If you go back and look at his
        history, contrary to his claim he was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia, attended
        a muslim maddas where he was brainwash in the quran, memorized it, quotes
        it constantly and has said that the most beautiful sound in the world is the daily call to pray 5 times a day. When he was first elected he had a total control
        over both the House and the Senate. For two years before that the democrats
        had also had both the House and Senate under their total control. As a result
        they pushed their liberal agenda and used it to pay back all the far out lefties
        who supported them and his election. It is called payback to man of them from
        druggies, homosexuals and other deviants along with the Unions, Wall Street
        and those companies who gave him million to win his election. They all say
        an opportunity to buy them a willing accomplish in their scams to bleed our
        nation dry. The list is endless and along with the lawyer in the democratic
        party they passed any and ever law they wanted to reward their backers.
        This was not and never has been in the best interest of our nation but has
        taken us to the brink of financial disaster due to a carefully planned attempt
        to destroy our nation as we know it. It is violation of every American life
        that was lost to preserve our nation and our freedoms. The person who
        wants to be king is scamming and promoting racial war in our nation to
        that end.

        • I sorry James, I really can believe this. Please so me creditable 3rd party links.

          “It is called payback to man of them from druggies, homosexuals and other deviants along with the Unions, Wall Street and those companies who gave him million to win his election.” you lost me with druggies and deviants anyhow, do you really think Romney is not “PAYBACK” anyone Romney raised a lot more money then Obama, lol Romney had a lot more promise to back.

  2. Don Maggard says:

    This message should be read & heeded by all BIBLE BELIEVING PEOPLE..When I say I am a CHRISTIAN, I am saying ( I am a follower of JESUS in every aspect of my life). Don Maggard-Missionary to Mexico for 29 years.

  3. Dick Grace says:

    Ourpresident is a muslim non citizen that hates christians, jews and white people. No other answer reflects what he has done since he has been in office.

    • Your exactly right on everything that you have,said about.Marxist Muslim Dictator Barack Hussein Obama!Expect Sonya forgot one extremely important item,at the..Democratic National Convention this past year Obama and his cronies voted,to take!Out of there platform G-d and Jerusalem!
      Everything he has done is against G-d’ word!A women can have an abortion no matter,how far.Along she is in her pregnancy in G-d’s eyes,this is MURDER!Same sex marriages bible says one man,women!
      Forcing a church to go against it’s doctrine then saying,if you go!Against me the church will be taxed!
      This Marxist Muslim Dictator was taught one thing,by Rev.Jermiah Wright!That was to hate America and everything that it stood for!!

      • NoSurrender says:

        Exactly but what difference did it make. The poress didn’t care and neither did all the welfare class.

        He murders the unborn and persecutes the living Faith.

    • Remington 870 says:

      Ditto! Wherever Obama is near a Christian Cross….the cross should be turned upside down…which is more appropriate for this ‘anti-chirst’ of a fake president.

      • I guess I will never win the argument with you all that: Everyone in the United States is not a christian and their rights should be valued as much as yours.

        When did Obama start hating white people? I really feel that he is a president for all races. Can I get an example ?

        • Remington 870 says:

          You make a good point that not everyone is a Christian and their rights should be valued. And, not everyone is an Obama supporter as you are, so you need to quit telling US how great he is. Ohhhh…quit using the word Racist, it means nothing to many of US anymore. Sort of like the story about the boy who cried Wolf too much.

          • Actually it does, It doesn’t mean anything to people who think they that are the victims and use terms like Reverse Racism to justify act are things that have said. It doesn’t matter what it means to you as long as others around you know what Racism (to anyone) looks like and have evolved enough to help ensure it doesn’t not continue. I am not making up anything about the racist pictures from the Tea Party you can seem time yourself. Go to U-tube .

            I am outlining what he as done while you all seem to not want to give him credit for. How can you completely dismiss someone and not give them the credit they deserve. My outlining what he has dove is a whole different category then “Christians right are the only rights and should be taken as law, the moment we speak”

  4. Tikidog says:

    Since when is he a Christian? Just because he says so? I have never seen him as a Christian, period. He seems to be a EVIL person or a antiChrist. God is in charge and we must depend on him.

  5. smilee says:

    Hobby Lobby is a business not a religion and they should not determine for any of their employees their health coverage’s just because the owner has religious beliefs that may and in many cases do differ from their employees. What happened to individual freedom for the employee?? No employee in anything other than the church family itself should be excused from following the law on this and they do not have to conform to that part of this law now. Mich of this article goes off in areas not related to this law as support for their view when in reality it does not support or not support the law. As Christians we are told by Jesus not to judge our fellow man and Obama says he is a Christian and has never practiced the Muslim faith why is this author of this article and others doing so. What does it say about your own religious beliefs?? It is not right!! I think it has much more to do with politics than religion!!

    • caskinner says:

      The employee has the freedom to go work somewhere else.

      • LARA says:

        YOUR RIGHT!!!!

        • caskinner says:

          Lara it all boils down to people being responsible for their behavior. Liberals don’t get that.

          • smilee says:

            If Hobby Lobby was responsible they would not mistreat their employees whom have different beliefs than them, what has this type of discrimination got to do with liberals anyway, some of these employees might very well be conservatives wanting this coverage.

          • caskinner says:

            Like I said they can go work somewhere else. Why should Hobby Lobby be forced to provide something that is against their beliefs?

          • Jan Dinkins says:

            And would cost them a fortune which, in turn, would end up costing the consumer!

          • caskinner says:

            I really don’t think it is about money though. It’s being forced to do something against you Biblical beliefs. We need more people of such strong conviction.

          • NoSurrender says:

            Go live in an Islamic country pile of crap and see what that sort od statement gets you.

            Jihad is a basic tennant of all Islam. Persecution of those with who you disagree is Sharia law and taught in the Koran. I suggest you actualy read the Koran you piece of filth. Your knowledge of comparative theology is totaly lacking. Hobby Lobby is being religiously persecuted something every liberal should object to. You and Obama are so in the tank for Islam you have no idea of what is at stake anymore. They snow you with Islam is piece laws while you persecute Christian believers.

            Hobby Lobby is privately owned and the State is forceing the private owners to violate religious beliefs. I would say the owners are being mistreated by the State. That dear crapbrains liberal apologist is undeniable no matter how much tou may try.

          • smilee says:

            They do not own their employees and they are being forced into this by their employer and that is why we need government laws to protect the employees as they should not be subject to this discrimination by their employer, this is not about religion it is about employment discrimination. I am a Christian and not interested in the koran nor do I feel discriminated against because I am Christian but I do not also believe that as a christian I should have the legal right to exercise power over another citizen if that person will not conform to my religion. This is not about Islam anyway so why you are arguing with this BS as it has nothing to do with anything I said or anyone else. It makes you look stupid but your maybe OK with that as it seem to fit you. Your also rude and a jerk!!!!!!

          • NoSurrender says:

            You might note that the discussion of Islam is right through this thread including your own posts or did you miss that when the Troll shift changed at MoveOn or whoever you are posting for.

            You see the problem is that you fail to recognise the rights of the private owners of the business.

            They have the right to regard murdering the unborn as moraly repugnant. No person should be forced to do this on genuinely held religious grounds.

            You Libs fall over yourselves to accommodate Muslims and whatever in the workplace but cringe like craven cowards when it comes to defending Christians from attacks on their rights.

            No you are not a Christian…just another latter day persecutor of the faithful who maintain their rights to practice their faith.

            Hobby Lobbys position is clear. If you dont want to work there then dont.

            Its not workplace discrimination at all…Its freedom of religion that is the issue and you are so lacking in faith that you cannot see the cross for the lions.

          • Jan Dinkins says:

            What are the employees being forced into?

          • Jan Dinkins says:

            They need to be thankful to even have a job…no thanks to Obama!

      • smilee says:

        Your saying then the employer should have rights not given the employee?????????????/

        • caskinner says:

          Based on religious beliefs. I guess you don’t understand that. Sorry.

          • smilee says:

            No citizen is allowed to force their religious beliefs on another citizen,, he is an employer in a business, not a Leader of a religion in a religious organization they have that right but not him. He has no respect for his employees beliefs and that is wrong

          • caskinner says:

            He is not trying to force his religious beliefs on anyone. They are free to seek an abortion or take the morning after pill. He just doesn’t want to pay for it.

        • NoSurrender says:

          Are you saying that the employer has no rights when it comes to their own religious conscience ?

          We dont all agree with murdering the unborn.

    • LARA says:


    • MikeBratton says:

      “Obama says he is a Christian,” and despite his words, beliefs, and behaviors to the contrary, we should all just believe him and shut up?

      No, thanks.

      Here are a couple of things I hope will help your understanding of this issue. First off, Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship. Those of us who are Christians don’t leave our beliefs or that relationship at home when we’re off to work, school, or any place else. While there are a lot of exemptions for people of various religions to practice their sincerely-held beliefs in the public square, we Christians generally don’t get that same consideration. What Hobby Lobby is doing is insisting upon that same consideration.

      Also, I posted a response elsewhere in these comments about what Dear Leader himself has stated his beliefs to be. They are nowhere near Christian. I suggest you spend less time taking people at their word and more time weighing what they say in one instance against what they say in another.

      And with regard to your mention of Islam, how can you explain Obama’s repeated statement that “the sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”? Whether he is a practicing Muslim or not is not the issue, so much as is his explicit preference for Islam over and above Christianity.

      You need more information, and less inaccurate guesswork.

      • smilee says:

        We were given free will by God and told by Jesus to Judge not. Jesus called us to be his witnesses not his judge, jury or executioner. What you trying to justify is just the opposite. Also “Love thy neighbor as yourself” That includes your muslim brothers and sisters. What Hobby Lobby and you are trying to do is force your will on others and that is plain wrong both in the Christian faith and the Constitution Christians should get no special treatment under the law that every other religious belief does not get but those like you see see it as discrimination as you cannot walk all over other religions under the law. You need to be less prejudiced and biased and no amount of information can give you that.

        • Jeff Moore says:

          Sounds good, in theory… But why are Muslims exempt from alll the bad laws (ppaca) and then as a religion, imposed on people in places where other religions are expelled (schools)… You can’t play moderator and devil’s advocate in the same breathe (they contradict purposes)…
          Barack (lightning) Obama (from heaven) speaks with a split tongue. And nobody can, or even does, deny it… Many simply choose to ignore it.
          I’ve studied religions across the world as well as their applied practices in culture. Not only in books, as so many unfortunately. Taking scripture out of context to meet an ideology is wrong in all religions but one, smilee… The same practice as the President. So many Christian, Muslim and Jewish churches have fallen due to it. Without even knowing the difference. Any movement that rises, only as a result of suppression of others, is incapable of being anything other than bad…
          Think Free, Walk in Truth, and religious differences become rhetorical… Tilting the political, economical and educational force in the name of a religion is nothing short of evil (the use of that word isn’t illegal yet is it?).

          • smilee says:

            My beliefs are only Christian, I respect all other religions but I do not subscribe to them nor have I taken anything in my religion out of context that is you and does not appear you learn much from your studies either. When I am talking about Christianity I am not talking about religion as practiced by many churches but what is taught by Christ. And your take on Obama is most likely as skewed as the take you have on me, you are wrong about me and most likely about him to.

          • MikeBratton says:

            Christ did not teach “respect” for “all other religions.”

        • MikeBratton says:

          Again, you need more information, and less sheer, shot-in-the-dark guesswork. Unfortunately, when you’re presented with information, you summarily reject it. That doesn’t facilitate conversation, nor does it facilitate your ability to actually come to a more wise viewpoint.

          Muslims, whoever you are, are not my “brothers and sisters.” Other Christians are my brothers and sisters, but those who actively reject Christ and His Gospel are not. Why? Because I’m a mean guy? No. Because that’s what the Bible teaches.

          And how, precisely, is Hobby Lobby trying to “force” their will upon others? Short answer: They aren’t. They have no wherewithal to be able to “force” anything upon anything else–you know, like a government can.

          I do love my neighbors as myself, thanks, whether they’re Muslims, Buddhists, or people who attack Christianity anonymously over the Internet. That’s why I share Christ with them as I have the opportunity. Which, apparently, you define as “walk[ing] all over other religions”.

    • sailfrog says:

      That’s because you have a skewed view of Christianity. Mr. Smilee, we are not supposed to be stupid–Christ never said that. We can have “love” or regard for someone without condoning their bad behavior. It is a known fact, told by oBlamer himself in his books (which his radical friend Bill Ayers wrote for him) that he was a practicing muslim trained in muslim schools. And to him, there’s nothing more beautiful than the sound of screeching from the roof tops calling muslims to their first prayer of the day. If Hobby Lobby’s employees don’t agree with the Greens’ stance about supporting life at all stages, they should find other employment where their irresponsibility will be covered by us the taxpayers and their new employer who has no qualms about murdering babies.

      • caskinner says:

        Well stated sailfrog. Excellent comment. I understand exactly what you mean.

      • smilee says:

        We were never taught by Christ to force anyone to believe in him as God gave us all free will, his greatest gift to us, we are to witness for him but not sit in judgement our fellow man what ever their behaviors You think we should enforce God’s laws with human laws. Your opinions here are not in line with the law so they are merely your opinions and my opinion is they are stupid opinions and have nothing to do Ayers, muslims or anything else you spew out in your stupidity.

    • NoSurrender says:

      So I guess you would get a Job in an Islamic Country and demand bacon for breakfast. Require a beer after work.

      How about getting a job in a business where the owner is Muslim and demanding he supply ham sandwiches for your lunch ? How about making him pay for the pig and its processing as well ? After all you should have a healthy lunch. Its good for you and the Union said you should demand it. Make him serve it to you too while you are at it.

      Then tell him he is being discrimatory when he declares a Jihad on you….

      You have no idea of what being Christian entails.

    • Jan Dinkins says:

      He practiced the Muslim faith as a child living in Indonesia when he was adopted by Lolo Sotero. BHO was given the name Barry Soetoro and was known as BS for decades.

  6. Take a few moments and think about it. Look at all the attributes of the “Anti-Chrit” and guess who matches it? He is like the Piped Piper, luring the unsuspicted to follow his bidding. Without a doubt – a liar, not a Christian, but a confessed Muslim (to Muslims) and the Washington scene that is “afraid” of him and does his bidding. Look at all the frausd and crookidness from the likes of Reid and Pelosi? Add to the mix all the rotten and inexperienced Czars (all Yes Men and Wopmen) not to mention an incompetent Kagin on the Supreme court. All part of his scam Presidency to corrupt america for his “New World Order”

  7. I doubt that ANY thinking person will still see Obama as a Christian. That is like saying Muslims are also Christian. He has a Communist agenda and playing his secular Muslim law off against it to dupe the Muslim anarchists. Commies do this, play both ends against the middle and then when complete power is wrested from the former government, we see the real Obama. That is the main reason for 2 terms and the GOP better not screw this part of government up too!

    • NoSurrender says:

      He is allying the Socialists with the Islamists as they have a common Agenda.

      Should they succeed in toppling the west as planned then the peace and alliance wont last long as Islam requires Global submission. The Islamists have been playing this game longer than the Commies and tyake a much longer term view. Obama hasn’t a chance and they will use him and then destroy him and whats left of the west.

    • DAVEY2 says:

      You are correct……two terms max and two years protection after leaving office. How did full life coverage sneak by the public??. That will cost millions and millions.

  8. ScottLucas11 says:

    I understand from sources that he bows down to a full-length portrait of Satan every night.

  9. Kellis says:

    By their fruits you shall know them. BHO is not a Christian. He is not even a confused and misled “Pharisee”. Not every Christian is completely dedicated to God’s work, but every Christian should be appalled by Obama’s work. He is not my ‘fellow sibling’ in Christ. I pray that one day he will be born again. I hope it is soon. I agree that God has allowed him in to the office of president for a reason. I believe it is part of His plan and also to separate the ‘tares’ from the wheat in America. It is time to take a stand.

  10. Jack Martin says:

    Excellant, excellant article. This one is getting used in a sermon. When the wicked rule the people go into hiding. Great research! I had been familiar with several but this brings it all together in one place.

  11. thomas lamb says:

    Ha- Even the Devil goes to church once in a while, and Nobama is his right hand man.

  12. Smeethow says:

    Obama’s actions are speaking loudly for him. Calling himself a Christian doesn’t make it so.

  13. antiliberalcryptonite says:

    The only ones who claim that this antichrist muslim is a Christian are himself (sometimes) and the media. Other than those two claims, there is NO proof whatsoever that that is the case. In fact, all evidence points away from that assertion. His words and his actions declare that he is anything but. That is the true test of a Christian, and he miserably fails the test. That indicates that he is being deceptive for the sake of opportunity.

  14. joe says:

    If you believe this clown is a Christian, then I have 1 more parcel of swampland left for sale.

  15. MikeBratton says:

    There has never been a reason for anyone to believe that Dear Leader is a Christian. The single most telling thing–and something that was available well before his dictatorship commenced–was an interview he gave to the Chicago Sun-Times’ Cathleen Falsani way back in 2004. Among some of Obama’s statements in that interview:

    “I believe that there are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people. ”

    “The difficult thing about any religion, including Christianity, is that at some level there is a call to evangelize and proselytize. There’s the belief, certainly in some quarters, that if people haven’t embraced Jesus Christ as their personal savior, they’re going to hell.”

    “I don’t presume to have knowledge of what happens after I die,” he says. “When I tuck in my daughters at night, and I feel like I’ve been a good father to them, and I see in them that I am transferring values that I got from my mother and that they’re kind people and that they’re honest people, and they’re curious people, that’s a little piece of heaven.”

    His responses were, and are, not only non-Christian but anti-Christian.

  16. Madeline Trotman says:

    So glad to find this…..and cheers and more cheers for Sonya Sasser. Madeline Trotman

  17. Neil N says:

    I have not read the book, but have heard lots of comment on a statement Obama made about one of the books he wrote (Audacity of Hope)

    I will stand with the muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

  18. Carolann Nelson says:

    A news clip played on mainstream TV some time ago shows Obama verbally acknowledging
    his Muslim faith. I guess missed his conversion and baptism????????????

  19. Eidolon says:

    No matter what side of the isle your on or what church you go to or don’t go to this is disturbing and I am not even Catholic.
    Starting to look a lot like what happened in another country long ago that did not turn out well!
    More on this subjent here…
    The White House has allowed a petition to declare the Catholic Church a “hate group” on their official

  20. trodaball says:

    I don’t know if this president believes in a supreme being or if he thinks of himself as the highest authority, However, his life history, associations and actions make it obvious Christianity & Judaism are his adversaries, and his loyalties rest with Islam. His youth is steeped in the people,culture and ways of Islam. This man of deception is bringing America to ruins.

  21. Kevin Savage says:

    The Liar in Chief is a Kenyan born Muslim,,not a Chrustian. He is also a racist,,he follows the Koran,hides his true beliefs until the Muslims are close to being a majority. *its what the koran instructs its followeres to do.

  22. Buck says:

    I repeat , To the same extent to which Obamass is a Christian , my feces are a health food . Obamass is the very epitome of EVIL , and after what was exposed at the last “DEMONRATIC ” convention , everyone that were aware of what was said there and still cast a vote for ANY demonrat is of the SAME evil .

  23. Buddy Dotson says:

    During Obama’a first four, 4, I stated that Obama is the 3rd Anti-Christ. No. He won’t bow to a Christian, because Christian means “Christ-Like”. People, what else can this Demon get away with? I used to fear Armageddon! I fear Obama. I’ll be 70 in a few days. Disabled Vietnam Veteran, and of course rely upon Military Retired pay, and Social Security. My Brother and I were stationed together in Vietnam, I made it back. He didn’t! Had Scotty known the likes of Obama would appear, giving his death a gift, because living under Obama’s reign would a waste of all Americans who died in that tragic war, FOR OUR CHRISTIAN NATION!

  24. I cannot believe for a nano-second that obama is a Christian. He has done more to alienate Christians rather than support their religious choices. If anything, he has indulged Muslims quite selectively. obama is anathema to our nation, our Christian heritage.

  25. downs1 says:

    Watch what he does, not what he says! Obama is NO Christian! He has trampled on every precept in God’s word! He is a Muslim who is practicing “taqqi’a”! He is also a flaming hypocrit! If it weren’t for the terrible damage he causes, it would almost be comical. He reminds me of Wile E. Coyote, because everything he does will eventually come back to destroy him! His government has been dubbed . . . “Acme”!

  26. Patriot says:

    Amazing that just this week a judge found for the incarcerated muslim prisoner who said his rights had been violated because muslim prisoners weren’t allowed to meet together daily for prayers, despite the prison officials saying that doing so would endanger all at the prison because they were definitely violent prisoners. Yet, our Christians are not allowed to practice their religion at the hands of this administration. What more proof does anyone need that OWEbama is totally anti American? He hates us so much he will violate any law on the books to ruin our beloved America. Don’t listen to his lies, just look at his actions.

  27. VeeDub57 says:

    I’m sorry to be so blunt, but it’s our fault! This is what comes from “turning the other cheek” and being a “silent majority”!

    Until Christians say enough and are willing to speak out and fight for our Christian values, there will be no hope of any reversal of the anti-Christian onslaught.

    If we aren’t willing to fight for our rights, who will? Certainly nobody in politics!
    Are we sheep or Christian soldiers?

  28. 7loubro_4 says:

    Very good and thorough article, Sonya. You hit every one of the right buttons to underscore all of the anti-Christian items. There is one more thing that occurred to me, and it is that I don’t believe Mr. Obama has ever read any healthcare compendium, much less the entire bill. He has no idea what is in it, as it was put together by the evil mechinations or that Sibelius creature and her czar minions, and probably was most of what Hillary Clinton tried to pass years ago. His Christianity is as false as his birth certificate and Natural Born Citizen status. My bad, your article got me going.
    Oh, Hobby Lobby folks also own Mardel, a Christian book store. Don’t know how that has escaped the same fine treatment.

  29. EHeassler_USNRet says:

    One of obama’s favorite expressions is, “Let me be clear.” Well, it is clear that he is no Christian and that when he states that he is doing “x”, he is actually doing “y”. His actions show him to much more likely to be Muslim than Christian as evidenced by his doing everthing in his power to help establish Muslim countrol of the entire Middle-East and in the process, re-establish a Muslim Caliphate. He is clearly a danger to the United States and should be impeached for any number of crimes, treason being the most serious. High crimes and misdemeanors will also suffice.

  30. allosaur says:

    I recall seeing Obama on TV telling Asian Indian students that Islam is “the religion of peace.” This ole’ dino brayed with laughter. Mocking laughter.

  31. Well, Dr. Jerome Corsi has said that the gold ring Obama wears, and has worn since his days at Occidental college in California, showed in an enlarged photo that the inscription on the ring reads, “there is no god but Allah”. Does that sound like a Christian’s ring?

  32. I don’t care; a majority of these people voted him into office! You reap what you sow
    Many of these voters are liberals; I am in favor of increasing the money they need
    for contraception!

  33. Bob Bishop says:

    I left out the author of this statement but here is the fact, many so called Christians who wear intellectual theology on their sleeves are the problem and have been for decades. They warp Christianity to justify immoral and self-serving life choices and call it tolerance. Many Pastors, Church Leaders are all co-conspirators in the crime. The quote:” I take this to be a reference to President Obama, who is a longtime member of the United Church of Christ, the denomination in which I was trained for ministry 45 years ago. When we compare the two candidates in the recent election, we see that the president’s Christian credentials meet or exceed the Christian credentials of his opponent. I am impressed with President Obama’s understanding of Christian theology. Since I have been a pastor for half a century, I pay close attention to such things. Our president shares with me and many of us an admiration for Reinhold Niebuhr, who was the most influential American Protestant theologian of the last century.”

    We blame others, but we are to blame for allowing it.

  34. John says:

    What are you belly aching about YOU re-elected hum.

  35. FRANCIS says:

    anti Chirst or not he helps almost all the muslim countries who kill chirstians or keeps silence

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