The Arab Spring is Becoming Bitter Arab Winter

September 18, 2012 at 5:00 am / by

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I saw it coming.  Two years ago I could see the writing on the wall.  The Middle East was a powder keg and it was about to blow.  How could I, your basic working, concerned American see the future when our “brilliant” leaders could not?  How was it that day after day I could read between the lines and listen to the words of people who were warning us that this was going to happen… yet our government couldn’t?

One of my favorite “tell it like it is – no sugarcoating” patriots is Glenn Beck.  I would try to watch his show every day on FOX because I knew that he was going to speak plainly and truthfully no matter how difficult it was to hear.  He laid it out plain and simple and it made perfect sense.  While the Obama administration was gleefully high-fiving themselves over the ousting of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, Glenn was warning of instability and unrest.

At the time, Egypt was being led by someone who, in the least, was on speaking terms with the US, and had kept the peace with Israel.  So why was it so necessary to get rid of him without knowing what the outcome would be?

The odds were that leadership would be taken over by a very radical group called the Muslim Brotherhood.  They believe that the only law is the law of Allah (Sharia) and they are sworn to overawe the enemies of Allah.  So I was dumbfounded when I heard our own government officials speaking to Congress about how the Muslim Brotherhood was basically just a “small part” of the new Egyptian government and how they were primarily a secular group.

Really?!  These people are blinder than the blind Sheik!

Libya was next.  Gaddafi was taken out with no plan on whom or what was to replace him.  Of course once again radical Islam got a foothold and this week we saw a planned attack on our embassy, which killed 4 Americans.

It happened on 9/11.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  This was pent up anger against America, Israel and our way of life.  They hate us.  Why is that so hard for this administration and the far left to understand?  They want us dead, they want Israel annihilated, end of story.

Yet, who gets invited to the White House?  An invitation went out to Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi.  He will be a guest this month.  However when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requested a meeting, there was no room in Mr. Obamas busy schedule.

And when word came down that one of our most distinguished ambassadors to the Middle East and three other Americans had been brutally murdered in a planned terror attack, what did Obama do?  He jetted off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas and put off an important intel meeting!  Even Jimmy Carter stuck around the White House during the hostage crisis!!!!

It should be clear by now where Barack Obama’s loyalties lie.  Obama does not see this as a danger.  On the Dr. Oz show on Thursday, right after the attack, Michelle Obama said that OBESITY is a national security threat–not a word about the threats in the Middle East!

We can all see where this is heading.  The Middle East is on fire and the reaction from our leaders like Obama, Clinton and Feinstein is “how could this happen?” They ask the question, why would these people do this when we give them so much aid (money) and engage them in discussion?

The answer is, it’s because these people don’t respect us, they are not afraid of us and they know that with our current leadership we are a pushover.  Iran knows it, Syria knows it, Yemen knows it and I’m afraid that Israel does as well.  Netanyahu is coming to grips with the fact that he is alone in this fight because Obama does not have the will or the inclination to be an ally.

How embarrassing is it that every time we get hit the first thing we do is apologize?  With a response like that do you think the radicals will stop their attacks?  At this point if I was Netanyahu I would say to Obama, “Thanks, but no thanks.  We don’t apologize.”

The reaction to this terror attack on Christopher Stevens and 3 other Americans should be absolute outrage.  There should be no money sent to Libya, no aid, and a clear message should be sent to all of these countries that we will retaliate.  If we show strength and anger perhaps we can gain back some of our dignity in the world, if not, then we can expect more attacks on American soil.

Please watch Frank Gaffney’s 10 part series on Sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood.  In this political climate, it’s definitely worth your time.


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Morgan Brittany

PolitiChick anchor Morgan Brittany has been a film, television and stage actress for over 50 years. You can find Morgan on Facebook and Twitter: @MorganBrittany4 and her fan page

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  1. donaldo says:

    More like the muslim spring.

  2. Libertarian thinker says:

    Why do we think we can know what is in the minds of people who can kill allegedly over the content of a video? Our lack of understanding of the basic culture of Islam is our downfall because we believe everyone has the same values and motives. When will our “dear” leaders see the truth?

  3. MaranathaMark says:

    Ms. Brittany, I agree with pretty much most of what you said. The Arab Spring has done exactly what it was designed to do, put pro-Sharia Muslim Brotherhood people in power in these countries. The smoke screen about fighting for ‘freedom and liberty’, was for the Western world’s benefit, but Demcracy was the last thing on the Muslim Brotherhood’s mind when they planned and executed these up-risings! The West, by in large, can’t seem to understand the Islamic mindset, and wants to attribute Western values to Islamic populations, and that simply isn’t the case. Look at the “peaceful” Islamic countries are generally ruled by a tyrannical dictator who is for the most part secular, though they dabble in Islam. Sadly the only thing Muslims seem to understand and respect is overt-overwhelming military power and the will to use it. There is no appeasement to get along with them, for their ultimate goal is to rule the whole world.

    • Bluebird says:

      While all politicians and some media were so excited to see the Arab Spring, I knew that it was just a start of something more sinister. Now, I am not an expert of the middle east, politician, media critic or other so called government analyst, so how is it possible that there were signs of these horrors coming and no one knew it. These Arab countries don’t want democracy…..They want the destruction of our country and Isreal. That is the reality. Pure and simple.

      • Scott says:

        The reality is this.The only way you have peace in the world is by destroying Islam.This is no different than Nazi Germany in the 30′s.Eventually,war will come and they must be severely humbled.

  4. b step says:

    obumma has had this planned for a long time….. he has executive orders in place and he will take over the USA just like hitler did in germany… but the sheep just fallow along waiting to be slaughtered…. the Jews said after germany,,, that never again, but they are not doing anying but going along again… to bad…. my bet is that we won’t have an election this year… instead we will be in a war and obumma will declare martial law….. the muslims will be trying to take over our country shortly…. and obumma will help them… dark times are comming to us….

  5. denny says:

    and who didn’t see this coming

  6. The real problem is not a film— the Middle East is and always will be a f—ed up mess because they mix their corrupt government politics in with all their old outdated tribal no tolerance religions and we Americans pay for all this s–t with our lives and money. the media and Huff Post remove this comment every time it is posted

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