The Boston Marathon Terrorists – Look Into Their Education

April 19, 2013 at 10:00 pm / by

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PolitiChick anchor Morgan Brittany has been a film, television and stage actress for over 50 years. You can find Morgan on Facebook and Twitter: @MorganBrittany4 and her fan page

The information is pouring in now that the two Boston Marathon terrorists have been identified and the primary question on news and radio has been, “how could these boys have become so radicalized in this country?”  Really?  Are you kidding me?  How are these so-called journalists missing one of the major pieces of the puzzle?

They need to do a little research into where these two went to school and who their teachers were. If they were “home grown” terrorists, how did it all begin?  It is well documented that our schools and universities are riddled with anti-American, radical teachers and professors.  It was just recently celebrated that known and admitted terrorist Bill Ayers was selected as the 2013 College of Education and Human Services “visiting scholar” at Minnesota State University Moorhead.  Apparently his radical past did not bother the schools administration.

Incredulously Ayers wasn’t the only admitted “terrorist” given a prestigious position at one of America’s schools.  Marxist, communist, Weather Underground radical and convicted felon, Katherine Boudin is now an adjunct professor at Columbia University and has been named the Sheinberg-Scholar in Residence at NYU Law School.  Her brutal crimes are bloody and violent.  She is a leftist radical who spend twenty years in prison for robbery, murder and terror.  She was a community organizer and a member of the SDS, traveling to Cuba to learn more about Fidel Castro and his influence over that country.

She became a member of the Weather Underground and took part in a huge protest called the Day of Rage.  Along with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, she attended a large meeting where discussions were held on how to launch an “offensive against the United States”.  The discussions even included the killing of “white babies” and called mothers of white babies, “pig mothers”.  That was just the beginning of the horrific plans she became involved with.  Now she is teaching your children.

Just last fall, Professor Marie-Helen Maras from NYU, who has a Ph.D from Oxford and is also an associate professor at SUNY Farmingdale asked her students to plot a “hypothetical terrorist attack”.  She asked them to factor in all aspects including “methods of execution, sources of funding, number of operatives needed and the government’s reaction”.  All students were told to stay within their chosen terror groups “goals, capabilities, tactical profile, targeting pattern and operational area”.  She is also teaching your children.  All of this goes on and the media is silent!  These people still have their jobs and we are paying the price for it in more ways than one.

It doesn’t just begin in the Universities.  This cancer is starting with our youngest children.  In March of this year a story broke about the mother of a fifth grader  in Texas who found out that her child had taken a quiz based on a video that blamed America for the 9/11 attacks.  The media virtually ignored the story and only Fox News covered it in depth.

So how did these two Boston “terrorists” become “radicalized” in this country?  I am only speculating; they could have been schooled in an Al Qaeda terrorist camp overseas for all we know, but the frightening thing to remember is that every day our children are being indoctrinated into believing that America is an oppressive, evil country.  When they hear this year after year, is it any wonder that they can set off a bomb at the feet of an eight-year-old child along with countless other people and walk away with no conscience?

We better wake up America and demand that treason be removed from our schools.

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Morgan Brittany

PolitiChick anchor Morgan Brittany has been a film, television and stage actress for over 50 years. You can find Morgan on Facebook and Twitter: @MorganBrittany4 and her fan page

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  1. Anne Yenny says:

    This is the article that’s been rattling around in my brain all week – thanks for writing it. We can’t manage to make our American born children appreciative of the US – what hope have we for immigrants???

  2. Awesome Article Morgan!! This is so spot on and excellently said! Thank you!

  3. wrongheifer says:

    Our youth must belong to us…Take your children back…They will not belong to ‘the collective’…Our country belongs to us…We must take it back..Close the bordres and track who is actually here before we begin a dialogue on Immigration…

  4. Babsan says:

    All this and the Americans are totally oblivious.How stupid can the population be?

    • Pretty darn stupid. Ignorant, I prefer to say. LOOK hard at the news choices put on yahoo and google! FLUFF (Hollywood & that ilk)!!! Very little is put in front of the America people that would actually make them think — it’s the dumbing down of our country.

    • rank says:

      Take a look at the November 6, 2012 election. That should answer your question!

      • Patriotic American says:

        @rank…unfortunately…you are 100% right on that! This is now a country of “you owe me,” not “what can I do for my country,” and the current president is leader of the pack!!!

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues says:

      Very true, the DNC has a high percentage of losers, lofers, idiots, socialists and wannabe communists, and generally lower intellect level voters. A perfect example is the “Obama Phone” woman, or the “Obama ‘going take care of my rent, and car payment. I don’t have to worry about gas(oline)” woman. What morons.

  5. Yobamer said that your children are not yours. They belong to the collective community.

    • OleDad48 says:

      And the 2016 Hillary Clinton/Michelle Obama ticket will continue the “It takes a village” Vygotsky agenda.

      • Patriotic American says:

        OH…..MY…..GOSH!!!!! I never even thought of a Hillary/Michelle ticket! Shoot, now I’m really scared. :o( What an absolute disaster THAT would be!!!

        • OleDad48 says:

          I can hear Chris Matthews now! CNN, NBC, NYT, WPost — they would salivate at the thought. What Republican ticket could compete against King Hillary and Queen Michelle? First woman president. First Black and woman Vice President. Continuance of Bill and Barack power (the “1st and 2nd Black presidents”) by proxy. Hillary can add her healthCare nightmare to the Obama plan. And the GOP will oppose it all right up until they give up and compromise. Scary indeed.

  6. Claudia says:

    Had the brothers settled in, say, Port Huron, Michigan or Live Oak, Florida, my guess is the Boston Marathon massacre would not have happened. The elder brother may have been immersed in his “radicalism” or Chechen nationalism during a brief visit to his birthplace, but these fellows had ten-plus years of the ultra-liberal Cambridge/Harvard/Massachusetts petri dish in which to feed their anti-American ideas. Further, I believe that the USA was on the Muslim side in the Chechnyan situation — did that appear in any lesson plan in any school these men attended?

  7. Shane says:

    Morgan, Obama is responsible for these bombings because the older terrorist could and should have been deported. Please check out these articles!
    FBI Interviewed Boston Bombing Suspect in 2011

    Boston bombs: Obama lulled America into false confidence over terror threat

    • PatrioticAmerican says:

      …because, according to him, “terrorists” don’t exist. He has taken care of everything by chatting with leaders of other countries. Isn’t Utopia grand???


  9. America will never learn from their mistakes on immigration

  10. carnypost says:

    Amen. And I pray the media and our Muslim loving president call this what it is. Islamic extremist terror. Nothing else will do.

  11. Americas changing liberal overpopulation legal, illegal immigration population from what can I do for my country to what America can do for me country = more government control and less freedom. Now we can also ban all running and sports and large crowd marathons,guns, black powder pressure cookers, and over reaction media circus what the hell is going on in America and all over the world ?. Janet Napolitano should be fired for letting all these terrorists bastards come and go as they please in and out of the USA until the next media circus time.

  12. Gym Shu says:

    Until the Amrican Governmen (President on down) calls them Islamist extremism, these lunatics will continue to laugh at them and will be happy to pick us off one by one until we we finally call them what they are and start to profile them. As long as we are dunb enough to put an extrenist Communist Isamist in the Oval Office, we will continue to be picked off like a bunch of pigeons. God help us.

  13. SoWhatBubb says:

    These muslum terrorist butchers were raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
    So, does anyone wonder how they could be raised from childhood,
    and never foster any amity or friendship for the U.S. ?
    I lived, went to school, and worked in Cambridge and Boston, for 30 years, even lived in Watertown for a few years.
    I can fully understand how one can live in Cambridge, and never harbor a pro-American sympathy. I can fully understand how one can live in Cambridge, and harbor resentment and a host of anti-American attitudes.
    Cambridge is definitely not friendly to pro-American attitudes.
    Cambridge was a perfect place for these muslum butchers.

  14. MyTwentySence says:

    Very well stated article! Too bad this will never be widely disseminated.
    It makes you wonder what as become of this country. Bach in the early seventies
    I read too many books that “predicted” these circumstances, but thought they
    were “too farfetched” at the time. little did I realize that they would
    eventually unfold. God help us all !!!

  15. The underlying force for the coercion is the Lefts view of world peace through a Nation Without Borders and a Global single government. They believe, that if there were no borders you cant go to war with yourself. They cant understand that civil wars and religious wars are historically common..all within a single nation. The Left hopes and strives for the UN to become the worlds single government (with rich elitist living like royalty on the worlds tax payers). Global warming by the Left is all about trying to unify the world with a common cause. They despise individual and national sovereignty which i s contrary to the Marxist Collective.

  16. Pizzed Off says:

    I have been screaming to all who would listen that the above not only IS occurring, but HAS BEEN occurring for almost 50 years now. It seems that the only time American’s will pay any attention is when they have an act such as the Boston bombings happen. Unless, of course, such event(s) lend themselves to further destroy the Consitutional base of the country, when the media and socialistic politicians milk acts committed by mentally deranged individuals, such as Sandy Hook.
    Until, and unless, the schools and their traitorous “educators” are totally dismantled, we will be having more and more of such events happening. While our kids ARE being indoctrinated and radicalized, they are NOT being educated, nor are they learning the basics of human behavior where a knowledge of consequences for actions as well as a clear understanding of “right” and “wrong”. Hence their easy radicalization by those who prosetylize them.

  17. cjelephant says:

    I am a UMASS dartmouth graduate. The faculty there hates America – bunch of communists, socialists, anti-semites – in other words typical massachusetts college campus.

    If a Chechen Muslim who sort of hated America goes to UMASS Dartmouth the faculty there is going to do everything possible to get that person to go from unhappy to full on hatred of America.
    The campus is full of America-hating professors. It’s sad. No one will ever look into that aspect.

  18. rb says:

    How can these colleges hire these terrorists??? What good could come out of any of their mouths??? We must secure the border first, make sure it is secure before going any farther with immigration. If we do not, Obama will never secure the border, never.


  20. rank says:

    If you have kids in school, YOU MUST investigate “common core”….. and please do it now!

  21. marineh2ominer says:

    What schools ? Are you referring to our public indoctrination centers ? There isn’t one teacher out of a thousand that isn’t in reality a certified communist ,oops , I mean progressive indoctrinator .

  22. Doc says:

    The truth is we have become a nation of cowards. We are afraid we MIGHT offend some minority who wants to kill us. We are AFRAID we might offend a minority that is draining our finances. We are AFRAID of being seen as someone who is willing to speak out. We are AFRAID someone might see us as conservative, law-abiding, traditional people. What we aren’t afraid of, apparently, is food. We advertise it on every program on every channel. We eat it in astounding quantities and wonder why our size Super XXX won’t fit. We are fat, slovenly, lazy, and cowardly. Just why on earth would anyone want to immigrate to THIS America?

  23. Alainnah Robertson says:

    Read Al-Qur’an (The Koran) for yourself, with an open mind hearing the voice of Allah channeled by Muhammad, ringing down through the centuries. Here you will find the original source of radicalization. It is a short book, lots of duplication, but the injunctions to kill the infidel and apostate are in there. Fight for Allah and His prophet and apostle, Muhammad, is the watchword! It gives me nightmares.

  24. Strangerinastangeland says:

    They terrorists were religious. They were Muslim. They went to Mosques. 80% of mosques are funded by Saudis and preach hatred of the infidel. Does that work for you?

  25. downs1 says:

    While the vast majority of Americans do their thing each day without a real thought to what’s coming, and while Congress sits on its collective inept rear end and does “business as usual” the forces of evil are taking over! Many sound thinkers believe it is already too late to reverse the course of destruction of this nation! When you throw God out, there is only one direction you can go . . .and that is “down”!

  26. seresmary says:

    The fact that this “young man” did what he did is really not hard to figure out especially when you consider the evil that permeates this world of ours. The religion of Islam is “not” a peaceful religion, and when you put the added scenario of “jidhadism” into it you have an evil evil way of life. A life that is focused on one thing, eleminating the “infidel”(anyone who is NOT a Muslim) and converting the world to Islam in whatever way they can. No one has mentioned the Mosque that these men went to and the fact that the Mosque in Cambridge where they went has some very formidable “imam’s” going there who had a knack for Jihad.
    The fact that the FBI did NOT followup appropriately on the older brother is obscene. When after 9/11 I reported to the FBI the things that I thought were important that my neighbor was involved in, the FBI kept me informed for over 3 years that they were watching them and their activities, and for a foreign government to notify the State Dept/FBI about the older brother and they do a little investigating and decide there is nothing there, and not to keep an eye on him especially when he was out of country for so long and came back is absurd. You would think that a WARNING by a foreign government would carry some weight but then who got the message, where did it go? With as many Muslim Brotherhood members working in this Administration and DHS, State Dept. etc. it is no wonder they went under the radar. Mary711

  27. greyghost05 says:

    the infiltration of the education system started back in the 20′s or 30′s. It was the result with America’s interest with socialism and it’s utpoian false promise. Look at the forment wreaked upon America back in the early 60′s. We had civil rights and anti war movements going wild. Demonstrations drew a wide and diverse crowd of rioters. Back in 1967/68 the country was on the verge of exploding into mass violence. Nothing since can compare to those times. However the constant drift to the left has never stopped. My Dad who was a self described liberal Democrat on numerous occasions complained about the constant revision of history. Especially with the events leading up to and surrounding our involvement in WW 2. He would listen to book tapes and complain about the false content. He on more then one occasion would say ” That’s not what happened ! I was there ! They’re changing history. Next thing you know it will be our fault the Jap’s had to bomb Pearl Harbor ! ” As nuts as this sounds, in a conversation just the other day with my 17 year old son, he told me that we were excessive in the destruction of Japan during the war. I went to Wayne State University back in the mid 70′s. It was a hot bed of Marxism even then. No telling where it is now.
    We just have to press on with the truth and have faith.

  28. Chris Kratos says:

    Analyses of 1930′s Germany have been done countless times in an attempt to understand and prevent the rise of a despotic leader. People still wonder how in the world could they elect Adolf Hitler and let their country change so radically, and how a society could foment blame upon an innocent and small population in their midst. Today, we see a contortion of our very own American political process where blame-storming is one-sidedly nailed to an opposition party, with barrages of propaganda filling our airwaves, where we witness a population mesmerized by another charlatan and demagogue. Our nation can devolve exceedingly quickly, like dominoes, if certain key events are played out. We cannot kid ourselves at how dramatic our society can change in an Orwellian fashion, when someday people will ask the same question, “How did the American public let this happen?”

  29. Angry Patriot says:

    “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Yep, the Bible is right again, as always.

  30. stinkerbean says:

    You notice Obama doesn’t talk about this little boy being killed by a muslim or a bomb. Guess that doesn’t match his criteria. Him and Holder and Axelrod and Jarrett must sit around and plot their own attack on the US. Personally I don’t see a lot of difference between what they are doing compared to what the two boys did. Can anyone say Benghazi? They are just as guilty of killing those 4 men as much as these two guys killed that little boy and injured so many others. I say they need to be on trial right along with this young man.They live by the same rules, to destroy the US and its people.

  31. mags says:

    its much bigger than so. these 2 boys are just 2 of many 100s of youngsters alqueda trained as sleeper cells around the US . they are also trained in blending in …. until ready to act.

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