The Heart of Mitt Romney

September 24, 2012 at 5:00 am / by

Who is Mitt Romney? Why is he having such a hard time connecting with voters?

These are the questions I have heard repeatedly in the media and I have asked myself these same questions.  Early on, I was so decided on my candidate that I never gave Romney the opportunity to win me over and frankly, my closed mind and confident heart was ready to send him packing.

However when it became obvious that he was going to be the Republican Nominee, I decided to learn as much as I could about him.

My quest took me down a long road of humbleness. I first had to search my own heart, mind and soul before trying to see into Mitt’s. I wanted to look past the charm, all the accolades, his success, his religion and most of all the media rumblings. I wanted to look at the heart of Mitt Romney and understand the man behind the mask.

Still, when I looked at Mitt Romney all I could see was what the media wanted me to see–not necessarily who he really was.  Romney has been the target of skeptics, including some Republicans, who have accused him of opportunism and having a lack of core principles.  And as a Mormon, some in the Evangelical community viewed Mitt with suspicion and skepticism.

There were whispers of, “Can we trust a Mormon? Will his religious beliefs hinder his decisions as President of the United States?”  I was guilty as charged because I, too, struggled with these questions.  But after prayerfully and humbly reading and learning about Mitt Romney, I have grown in this election process.

I see a man who has stood on his principles, never giving in to worldly temptations, even if it meant going against the grain or standing alone.

I see a man that has made God his goal and service his honored privilege.

I see a man that has loved his family so much that he became a role model to his wife, children, grandchildren, and peers that most long to achieve.

Mr. Romney’s confident stature can easily be misunderstood as arrogance until you understand that the man has given his entire life to helping others. Ann Romney, during the Republican National Convention, described her husband as “A man that does not like to talk about helping others because he sees it as a privilege not a political talking point.”

I knew at that moment, the man I had grown to respect was the man that she has loved for so many years.  I came to realize that it is not all about his religion, wealth, past mistakes or past accomplishments; it is about the heart of a man who has given his life to God, his family and his country.

My eyes are no longer blinded by the media or my lack of knowledge about Mitt Romney but are instead opened to a world of love, stewardship, selflessness and humbleness.  I say with confidence that I believe Mitt Romney is destined to become the President of the United States; he will not fail, because failure has never been a word that defines him.

The past four years have been a test to our great Nation. We have been deceived by the voice of “change” and our hearts are enamored with fear. In this day and age, we can’t forget to walk in faith and trust with our eyes wide open.

Look past the claims that Mitt Romney is a “man with no heart” and you will find the heart of a man that has loved deeply, lived in righteousness, and grown in true wisdom that can only be obtained by God.

Shannon Carpenter Rodgers is owner of S.C. Construction and Shannon Carpenter LLC, DBA Classy-Cleaning. She is H.U.B certified and is only the 4th woman to be certified as a Kitchen Exhaust Specialist in the State of Texas. For over 8 years she worked in Law Enforcement and Juvenile Corrections. She was President of her Police Academy and graduated with a 4.0 and salutatorian of her class.  Shannon also holds three Lightweight Titles for women’s boxing in West Texas.

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  1. Cliff63 says:

    This is the most worthless article I ever read.

  2. Leon O'Dell says:

    Shannon, this is EXACTLY how I felt! I had a very difficult time accepting Mitt Romney, but when I took the time to really study the man, read up on his history, watch interviews, and most of all, listen to his wife, my mind changed. Given the position we are facing in America, he is our only hope at this time. Good article!

    • This was the first article I ever wrote and Thank you….I realize Romney does not serve the same God I do on the other hand his life has been one for the record books for sure. When I finished reading a book written about him by a neutral party I realized what a good life he really has lived….many could not live up to his standards…even if he is a morman!

    • Thank you Leon…this was the first article I ever wrote so….I know Mitt Romney does not serve the same God I do on the other hand he has lived an amazing life giving more than most ever have in their life. I appreciate you and glad you get the point!

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