There’s a Lot of Vagina in This Post…and in Obama’s Campaign

October 27, 2012 at 5:00 am / by

I’m not gonna lie. I laughed at the new Lena Dunham (who?) ad for Obama. I love comedy and her delivery was perfect. And really, it was a perfect ad. It was the perfect ad to sum up the entirety of Obama campaign platform: vaginas.

Last October Republicans were shocked and perplexed when objective professional journalist George Stephanopolous asked then primary candidate Mitt Romney a question about banning birth control during one of the primary debates. It was an odd question and seemingly came out of nowhere. It rocked Romney back on his feet for a minute as he tried to digest the insanity of such an inquiry. The next day we were all wondering just which box of hair dye Stephanopolous had pulled that random question out of? Enter Sandra Fluke, begging for birth control on Capitol Hill and ushering in the War on Women. We’ve been knee deep in vagina ever since.

While most Americans were worrying about their shrinking incomes and rising living costs, the Democrat party – led by the President – could do nothing but talk about sex. We’ve been listening to whining about birth control, abortion, reproductive rights, abortion, birth control and abortion for the last six months. Obama is screwed on his record, so apparently he thought he’d distract America with a different kind of screwing. Then we were treated to giant, walking vaginas from Code Pink at the RNC, because nothing says, “Take me seriously” like humungous vaginas wearing glasses and a dude haircut.

And it’s not just literal vaginas we’re talking about–we’ve come to find out there are a whole bunch of “the same” posing as statesmen in Obama’s administration.  From Obama’s wimp-tastic performance in his first debate against Romney, to walking gaffe-machine Joe Biden; from Eric Holder who has bobbed and weaved his way through the Fast and Furious investigation to Hilary Clinton and company, who did nothing to aid our ambassador in his horrific, dying moments and then blamed his death on a video.

Then we have the “Slut Vote” movement, in which women proudly declare themselves sluts in response to the now infamous Rush Limbaugh “Slutgate”. They read the Vagina Monologues on the steps of state capitols and proudly announce their abortions. Why is it that every time a liberal woman wants to talk about women voting their only analogy is sex? I mean, I’m all for sex (like most people, duh) and I’m not even saying it’s not an entertaining analogy…from time to time; but why is it that liberal women seem incapable of drawing any other comparison? Or talking about it in any other context other than abortion and birth control? Do they not even consider that there could be even ONE other issue women might be concerned about? I know many women in the U.S are concerned about abortion (many, if not most are on the pro-life side) but we are also concerned about putting gas in our cars, the price of putting food on the table for our families, and the massive loss of wealth the middle class has experienced that has forced many of us to run through the savings we had set aside for our children’s future. None of those issues has one thing to do with our vaginas and/or how we use them.

Frankly, it’s almost embarrassing to watch the party of “unity, equality and tolerance” consistently reduce an entire segment of the population to their sex organs. It’s tiring. It’s insulting. It’s hilarious. The women who tell pro-life Republicans to “stay out of our vaginas!” are the same women who support Obamacare, which will necessarily control what treatments you can and can’t get for said vagina. These are the same people who want us to leave their vaginas alone while constantly talking about things that you use your vagina for!

Look, there’s no reason to be ashamed of sex or sex organs or sex issues; but does it really need to be a part of the President’s main advertising push when so many Americans are out of work, out of luck and out of time? Is equating voting to losing your virginity (to Obama, ick!) really going to inspire that jobless college graduate with $100,000 of debt and bed in mom’s basement to get excited about Obama? As Michelle Malkin says: I vote with my ladySMARTS, not my ladyPARTS!

Go vote. Vote for Romney, vote for Obama, vote for your mother…just keep your private parts and your sex fantasies out of the voting booth. It’s unsanitary.



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  1. briliant! you nailed it to the floor. Thanks for saying what I’ve been thinking for the last couple of weeks.

  2. rockcut says:

    How many tmes both in Congress and in States that are controlled by GOP Governors did the GOP push bills against women and reproductive rights……This article is bait and switch. You cannot no matter how cute the writing is wipe away the war on Women.

    • caskinner says:

      I am a woman. What war are you talking about???

    • AlkalineBill says:

      It is not a war on women it is war to save the unborn.

      America is in a spiritual battle and has been since its conception. The battle
      intensified after WWII when we demonstrated that we had the capability to go
      overseas and defeat our enemies. And then, the battle that Ephesians 6:10-13
      speaks of intensified and the church became impotent when it quit teaching
      about spiritual warfare. We got into the Korean War, prayer was removed from
      schools and we became involved in the Vietnam War and then began to
      systematically execute 1.2 million U.S. citizens a year through the demonic
      practice of abortion. We then began to replace those citizens with citizens
      from other countries that didn’t understand our heritage established through
      Christian values until we elected a man president of the USA whose name rhymes
      with osama only 7 short years after 911.

      We are all one “In Christ Jesus.” People that stand for abortion are
      totally deceived by the enemy. Don’t vote because of the color of someone’s
      skin, gender, party affiliation, religious beliefs or lack thereof, but for
      whomever has the Godliest platform. Vote for who the Holy Spirit will lead you
      to vote for if we are led by the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit.

    • RonMar says:

      cut, for once, you are right. Obama’s war on women cannot be wiped away. “Reproductive rights” is a euphemism for murder by abortion, and everyone knows it but you advocates of a holocaust since Roe v. Wade 9x worse than the WWII Holocaust of Hitler against the Jews only.
      You are truly amazing in the way you seldom miss an opportunity to make a fool of yourself on a worldwide-available, public site. Way to go. Congratulations on showing so often the idiocy of Obama’s base supporters. With a little more practice you can take Biden’s Chief Dolt title from him.

    • caskinner says:

      What war on women?

    • Jim says:

      Is it “war on women” to keep your daughters from becoming like Sandra Fluke?

      Is it “war on women” to keep your daughters from killing their own babies?

      Is it “war on women” to tell your daughters to wait until she marries the man she wants to spend her life married to?

      Is it “war on women”to try to protect your daughters from dying from AIDS, or Syphilis, or some equally horrific STD?

      Is it “war on women” to teach your sons to respect the girls they date?

      • rockcut says:

        There is nothing wrong with Sandra Fluke speaking up for birth control. I like you do not agree support or agree with abortion. That is the women’s and the men’s choice. You cannot force your standards on others. I believe education and birth control or abstaining are the ways to protect against Aids, syphilis etc. One should always teach their children male and female respect for each other. See we are not that far off. But I do not think you can use government to push or insist on your morals to become the law of the land.

        • Voice of Reason says:

          I am not against birth control.
          I am against forcing religious institutions who are morally against it to pay for it. That is using government to push its’ amoral agenda into the law of the land. It is unconstitutional.
          I agree that WE should teach our children to respect each other.
          That is not the job of our government. It is the job of the parent.

          By the way, Sandra Fluke wasn’t speaking up for birth control. She was speaking up for free birth control to the tune of about $3,000 a year. BYO is tough.

  3. Mckey says:

    Go have all the sex you want but keep the cost out of my pocket. You want sex you pay for the protection. That’s not my job.

    • Amen Mckey! And I might, if they don’t use any protection, they can also pay for their own abortion. I am tire of my tax dollars paying to murder INNOCENT babies that did not ask to be conceived, by those wreckless liberal wh0res.

    • gunny says:

      Or the residual damage

    • Voice of Reason says:

      I can’t remember where I saw this but I thought it was applicable.

      I’ll pay for your contraception

      when you pay for my ammunition.

      • Taternuts says:

        Voice – I like that so much that I’m gonna plagiarize it.

        • Voice of Reason says:


        • Pat Pettie says:

          I am still laughing, thanks. Taternuts: there is nothing in this world is authentic, you change a little bit, add a little, cut a little and make it original. When you copied one article is called plagiarism but if you copied from many articles is called research. But I agree, I like it too, go ahead use it for the ‘slutgate’ to make them realized how stupid they are. I am still laughing..LOL LMAO

  4. caskinner says:

    Obama will leave these women just like their baby daddies do. Just a bunch of nitwits.

  5. Tfox says:

    you nailed this subject. As a woman of 50 plus years, working my entire life in a male dominated field (Park Ranger) never have taken a dime from the government, never will, all this focus on “lady parts” as if that is ALL that I am, I find that opinion completely insulting and crude. Gross, sexist. The Demonut Party and Obama should be ashamed of themselves to stoop so low.

    • Duke says:

      I concur

    • RonMar says:

      I admire what you have done. My mother was an advocate for women’s rights, specifically equal pay for equal work, long before that was a political issue. She and one man in the world did what she did at the plants in Oak Ridge, TN, where the atomic bombs dropped on Japan were made.
      She took some dimes from the government, and I believe you have too as a Park Ranger, federal, state or local. There is certainly no shame in getting paid by the government to work. Getting paid by the government not to work is the shame.

    • Ed Scott says:

      I do agree with you. Women are more than just their Lady parts.

  6. CaptTurbo says:

    It seems that Obama supporters are a bunch of pussies?

  7. OmnibusAnnie says:

    Seriously Obama…get the hell out of my uterus!!

  8. hesnotmypresident2009 says:

    Incredible! You hit this totally on the head! I am curious, when is the book “50 shades of Obama voters” coming out!

  9. 1gentready says:

    Why is there so much about Vagina’s in Obama life when he does prefer older white men and children

  10. Rod S says:

    Let’s see, liberals want me to pay for contraceptives so that they won’t get pregnant, but because they are so stupid that when THEY do screw up and get pregnant, they want me to pay for their screw-up via free abortion. I’m wondering: if I have to pay for the contraceptives and the abortion, why can’t I be the one guilty of getting them pregnant (get my drift)? Well, to answer my own question: I don’t associate with stupid people. Is that racist?

  11. Randy Gaiser says:

    I wish that we had supplied Obamas mother with contraception while she was lying around with all those Black bastards she was screwing, then this country wouldn’t be in the dire straights we are in now.

  12. TrueAmerican says:

    I do not understand why women are not insulted from the constant “Women’s Health” being described as free birth control and the ability to kill a helpless, innocent, unborn Americans. I have a beautiful wife and four grown daughters. None of them agree with this tripe. Now, having sex for the first time is like voting for Barrack Hussein Obama? The only thing that is true is that we all have been screwed by him. Especially if you work and pay taxes.

  13. Ed Scott says:

    Really, this is not surprising to anyone who studies Islam. Muslims (men) are obsessed by sex. Their Bible (Quran) obsesses about sex, when to do it, when not to do it, how to do it. Considering that it is obvious that Obama is if nothing else influenced by Muslims, it should come as no surprise to anyone that he has sex on the brain.

    • TrueAmerican says:

      Why doesn’t he have an add where someone is beating a women because they won’t vote for B Hussein O. Surely the “religion of peace’s” women’s relation manual, the Quran has a verse for that.

  14. Jim says:

    These people spent years protesting against “girly” magazines and the other parts of the porn industry. Now they are nothing more than a vagina.
    Go figure!

  15. Voice of Reason says:

    Advice to Liberals
    wherever this finds Ya
    Women vote with their brains
    and not their vaginas!

    How stupid do they think women are? This just proves that they look at us like walking vaginas. That’s a good thing because when they find out that we have a brain it will be on election day.

  16. Sama says:

    …and Biden is one who added into the political mix….male gonads. Can’t they think of anything else????

    Asking the father at a reception of the bodies of our slain from Libya, he asked “has your son always had balls bigger than a cue ball?”

    Personally, my genitals, inside or out, have NOTHING to do with my vote. All of that is Private!

  17. Voice of Reason says:

    Advice to Liberals
    Wherever this finds Ya

    Women vote with their brains
    And not with their vaginas!

    How stupid do they think women are?

    This just proves that they look at us like “walking vaginas”. That’s a good thing. They won’t
    find out we really do have brains until Election Day.

  18. Mike Smith says:

    So a bunch of women in vagina costumes show up to protest at the RNC and you twist that into a womens campaign against Obama?? Checks out. Explains how George Bush got into office and how Mitt is making a run at it. It’s because stupid people can vote too!!

  19. Al Roberts says:

    Two thoughts
    1. If the Muslims are allowed by our Muslim president to take over, women’s rights will be NON EXISTENT.
    2. Romans says that in the last days people will glory in their ‘shame”. The shame of man, from Adam and ‘Eve forward, was that they were like animals. You see, Adam and Eve thought they were like God. When their eyes were opened, they were ashamed (of their animal parts) and covered them up. So now, in Last Days, we have women walking around dressed like their animal parts.
    As a Christian, I will glory in the majecty of God and Jesus. Let it be.

  20. udden says:

    swaller, don’t holler!!!

  21. Terrific article, Kira. I will throw my notes away on the topic!

  22. Eddie G. says:

    The Dummycrat party is apparently obsessed with S-E-X with a capital “S”. Homosexuality,abortions on demand,1st amendment rights to openly display porn,teach kids about sex in schools regardless of age,hand out condoms to kindergarteners in case they become sexually active, What!!!!! Good grief these are supposed to be grown adults yet they want to dump their perversions on anybody who’ll listen. Teachers in elementary schools are dumb sheeple to endorse curricula to pollute young minds who have no concept of what sexual intercourse is let alone perform it. What’s next? A couple of naked kids demonstrating to the class how to boink??? I wouldn’t be surprised as with Obama anything can happen.

  23. srbboo says:

    The idiots prancing around in giant vaginas aren’t wearing vaginas at all. Their costumes are depictions of the vulva- the general female genital area. Vagina is the canal between the cervix and the opening to the outside. PLUS – I’ve looked at a few of those costumes and cannot find a clitoris, an important part of female sexual satisfaction. So, I think we finally know what all those liberal women are pissed off about!

  24. DEANS says:

    As an ardent lover of “lady parts” I appreciate the women that have respect for their “lady parts” and take care to protect them, as necessary. As a man who will never have to be faced with carrying a baby, only ligitimately fathering them, I don’t have the right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body, either before or after getting pregnant. As a taxpayer I also should not be forced to pay for either prevention or termination of a womans right to use her “lady parts”.

  25. Taternuts says:

    On the floor is ok….. boot it.

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