Vanilla or Chocolate—New Flavors Of Liberal Racism?

January 2, 2013 at 5:00 am / by

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Vanilla or chocolate–hmm, let’s see, what am I talking about – maybe cake or ice cream?  No.  According to the “illustrious” Cornell West, “vanilla” would be the white children who were murdered in the Connecticut shooting.

Does this mean it wouldn’t be offensive to Mr. West if I call him chocolate, or coffee, or any other descriptor I choose?  I’m more of a “strawberry” as I have red hair and freckles with reddish skin, but that’s not how I would normally describe myself.  And if we’re going to be nitpicky, is vanilla really even white?  The correct answer is no; the vanilla pod is actually dark brown or black.

So what is going on with so many celebrities taking underhanded shots at white people these days?  Clearly their intention is to be insulting and to see just how far they can push before someone says or does something in retaliation.  My opinion is that they need to grow up and become better role models because society certainly does not need these overpaid individuals with their inflated egos, spouting anger towards people they don’t like due to their skin color.  (By the way, that is the very definition of “racism”…)

I have three adult children and they were taught to look at the heart and character of a person, so it’s sickening to listen to the non-stop, disgusting comments by celebrities– and even more so to see the mainstream media giving them daily free passes.

Cornell West was complaining because when black–oh, sorry, chocolate–people are killed in the inner city it never gets in the news.  That is a valid point but that is for another article because the “inner city” is filled with gun control laws, which obviously aren’t working…

Then of course Jamie Fox made the statement on SNL about how “cool” it is to “kill all the white people” in his new movie.  Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

For the record, the slavery of people from Africa was abhorrent and anyone who judges a person based on skin color is ignorant and boorish—and that includes Jamie Foxx.

I’m English and Irish (yes, intense combination I know) and the Irish were treated abominably when they first arrived to the United States.  Does that mean I’m going to be hateful to non-Irish people?  No, that’s ignorant and foolish.

I really hope that these comments are few and far between from these people on television because it is not healthy for a nation and only perpetuates divisiveness.  If he (West) is that concerned about the murders in the inner city then perhaps he should go to those areas and help to create legal jobs and provide job skills to the people so they have hope to get up everyday.

We are one nation under God and He created all men and women– we would be wise to remember that.




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Barbara Cook

Florida PolitiChick Barbara J. Cook (Cookie) is a bodacious, creative conservative desiring to promote conservatism in sunny Florida, and beyond! Run with me into the future on and check some tantalizing recipes out on and just because you can,

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  1. Bonecrusher says:

    I love celebrities….the only people on earth who can’t tell you where their groceries come from “Well, they just appear on my shelves”… Even Nancy Pelosi knows what a grocery store looks like…She may not remember her way home, but she know where the food comes from….

  2. Donna Casas says:

    They’re too hip and trendy to understand what us mere mortals deal with every day. Every time one of them says something ridiculous, they go on my do not watch or buy list. That list is getting longer every day.

  3. mesaman says:

    While the elitist lefties slurp their sundaes, the rest of the country will eat mud pies and walk the rocky road our dismally degenerate president has forced on us.

  4. Concerned&Hopeful says:

    Remember that New Orleans mayor Nagin in running for reelection proclaimed he wanted a chocolate city. And I also remember the hateful speech by a black rapper Kanye West directed at G.W. Bush & Republicans after Katrina hit. Oh, these liberal people of color are no more tolerant than the white liberals.

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