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I have never been patient.  I hate standing in line, and the term “waiting tables” used to gag me when I performed the job in grad school.  I never had a second to wait, if I was doing my job.  I ran like a circuit trainer from table to table.  That was okay to me.  I hate waiting.

But I love being a woman. Women like me who love being women (and love the men who love women) have been long oppressed by feminists and fair gamers who imposed their theocratic political correctness on us.  We grew weary of waiting for someone to state the obvious.  We hoped that quietly raising up the next generation would communicate our knowledge that the other side is radically wrong.  It didn’t.

We waited as the statists on the left were silent to the point of complicit in the mutilation, rape and murder of young girls around the world— places with Islamic populations only a few percentage points above our own. We were there when Sandra Fluke’s tawdry demand for free birth control on our dime became the bizarre mascot of the Obama administration.  We watched, and our daughters turned to us with that look any mother knows—the one that pierces your maternal soul– saying, “mom, why aren’t you fighting for me? What are you waiting for?”

We woke up.

We ripped off our proverbial aprons and whacked the shackles off our bodies.  We looked to the wisdom of the ages to find the mother of King Lemuel, Esther, Debra, Abigail Adams and others who had blazed a trail for us.  We learned discernment, passion, and promise as patriots in a world we knew was ours to save now.

We rose up.

But the statists weren’t going to go down without a fight.  This election was to be the final nail in the coffin of free-market capitalism, Christianity, and America, as we knew her.  They began their attacks.

Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood offices do not provide mammograms, militant radical women said we would all die of cancer if these silly little conservative housewife types had their way.  Despite the fact that a known racist/eugenicist, Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to end the black race, these radical women screamed about “equality” for women presumably white women only?

Women claiming to be strong and independent were playing the role of helpless victims. Women seeking their independence seemed all too happy to be utterly dependent on Big Daddy Government. Women defending human rights and religious equality were apologizing for radical Islam where women can’t drive, be educated, choose their own wardrobe, or even live if they disobey men.  This was standing for “women’s rights” how?

These women and the men who use them attacked Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, anyone who had ever declared himself pro life.  Then they went on a seek-and-destroy mission to kill any chance of Republican gains in the US Senate.

They found their target in the most pro-family, squeaky-clean, freedom-loving patriot they could find, US Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO). Better, he was running against a woman, Claire McCaskill for US Senate.  Statists took aim.

When you talk for a living, as I do, you develop a perspective on misstatements or gaffes, but the “tolerant” leftists found an unfortunate utterance by Congressman Akin to exploit.  It did seem like a big deal for a moment, until patriots reflected on a future America under this absurd standard where one gaffe is political death from which no apology could resurrect. Of course, this wasn’t about Todd Akin at all.  This was about a vile Machiavellian strategy to win the US Senate for their statist purposes by any means necessary.

Destroying a family?  That would be fine.  Undermining the electoral process?  Not a problem at all.  Oppressing women further by convincing them that most men really do hate them, just as the radicals on the left always have?  Perfect!

So they circled like sharks and preyed on this campaign for days and weeks, wreaking havoc in the weaker members of the GOP, and joining forces with the establishment elite who never liked the independence of Akin anyway.  The establishment piled onto Akin with determination suggesting the attack on Akin was a fully developed plan needing only a spark. The statist left and radical feminists were strange but convenient bedfellows indeed.  The public was none the wiser.

So they waited.

Meanwhile, Team Akin did what it has always done (I am from Missouri, and have worked on many an Akin campaign).  The family doesn’t have a television, and they aren’t talk radio junkies, so they weren’t tuned into the spin doctors, political powers, or pundits.  They were tuned in to a much, much higher Authority, waiting on a different kind of Word.

And they waited.

Pretty soon, calls, letters, and money started to trickle in to the campaign office. Small donations from around the country were falling from the sky like Manna.  Before they knew it, the team was so big, the offers so high, and the promises so compelling that they knew they were listening to the right Source by the overwhelming, undeniable evidence that can only come by Someone so, um, “connected.”

Believe it or don’t.  I have seen it.  I know it.  And time will show it to you, too.

Don’t think for a moment that the Akin family didn’t learn a thing or two from this whole experience, though.  They did.  I haven’t spoken with them since the primary when I told Lulli Akin that I couldn’t support Todd for the primary because I didn’t feel like he had been “anti-establishment enough.” I don’t know what the Akin takeaway is on this, but I am feeling pretty good about the chances of all of that changing now when Todd is elected to the Senate.

I hope the statists have learned that the Show Me State voters aren’t the useful idiots they hoped they were.  I hope the establishment GOP and the Rovian rollovers have learned that they shouldn’t be so quick to jump ship on their primary victors for a chance to install their lackeys. And I do hope that the Akins have learned, once again, that good things do come to those who wait upon them.  (I’m pretty sure they already knew, but it always feels good to be sure).

I have learned a lot, too.  I will be going to Missouri this week to campaign for a true Gentleman, and his Lady, Todd and Lulli Akin.  I will stop along the way to tell voters about how they took time to personally mentor my family in homeschooling.  I will talk about how Todd taught my husband the ropes of legislating on their long drives back and forth to the Capitol when my husband and I were new to politics and John was first elected.  I will talk about the beautiful way Todd treats his wife, his daughters, and his granddaughters in the privacy of their home when the public isn’t looking.  I will talk to women about what it really means to be a woman, juggling duty to family and country especially in this moment in time, this historic election.  I will talk mostly to patriot women warriors, about how it is that since we finally realize we are not about our “lady parts” (but more about our “lady smarts” and “lady hearts”) we can truly know liberty and freedom!

In my book co-authored by Dr. Dathan Paterno, I wrote about what it really takes to be a lady and a gentlemen in these modern times.  I had forgotten the art of “waiting,” because I should have included it in our book!  I certainly know it now.  And I, for one, can’t wait to get back to the Show Me State to talk to the good people there about Todd Akin!

Polls say Congressman Akin is winning in Missouri after all that hullaballoo.  Do I think he will win—we will win?

I can’t WAIT!

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Dr. Gina Loudon

Dr. Gina Loudon is the host of Smart Life with Dr. Gina on MoneyBizLife Network seen every weekday in cities around the country on BizTV and heard on the BizTalkRadio Network. She is a frequent guest on Fox News and Fox Business Networks and has appeared on other networks including Al Jazeera and Comedy Central's Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Dr. Gina is a psychology expert, anchor, WorldNetDaily and columnist, and is the co-author of Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor. Her new book (co-authored with Ann-Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany) What Women REALLY Want comes out later this year. She also appeared on Right Wing News' list of hottest female conservatives in new media. Dr. Gina saw the inside of politics while spending 14 years with her husband, Senator John Loudon, in the Missouri state capitol. She moved to Southern California in 2012 to fight the culture war and began with a bang by doing a prime time ABC reality show.

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  1. Margaret says:

    Dr. Gina,

    Thank you for speaking for me and my women friends who are proud to be wives and mothers with loving husbands. Todd Aiken, apologized, but just like the response to Romney’s Women’s binder. the left has distorted the reality of what was said. Romney requested resume’s of women qualified to work in his new administration, Aiken was trying to say that when a woman reports a rape at the time it occurs, to the police, they will take the woman to a hospital to do a proceedure that will obtain evidence to identify and convict the rapist and it will at the same time prevent the pregnancy.

    Never mind the truth, that the fight against abortion is equivalent to the fight against slavery. The Supreme Court had ruled that a slave was not a person, but the property of his slave master, just as a child in the womb is not a person, but the property of her mother. In this country sex selective abortions are killing female baby’s. This will stop, God will not allow this country founded on protecting Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to continue to be the Culture of Death.

    • A conservative lady. says:

      “Aiken was trying to say that when a woman reports a rape at the time it occurs, to the police, they will take the woman to a hospital to do a proceedure that will obtain evidence to identify and convict the rapist and it will at the same time prevent the pregnancy.” Oh really? Because, oddly enough, what he actually said sounded nothing like this so it seems like you yourself are doing a little bit of distorting as well.

    • A conservative lady. says:

      By the way, you do know that Clay Aiken is not a US representative, right?

  2. mesaman says:

    Most electrifying Dr Loudon. You write with clarity, but more than that you write with sensitivity and compassion. I am proud to state my support of your ideals and patriotic concern.

  3. Dr Greg Belcher says:

    Inspiring words, however, Mitt Romney has not recanted his demand that Todd Akin step aside for the Missourians’ unfortunate comments. Since when is Mitt a committed pro-lifer? He is about as authentically pro-life as he is a true conservative.

    • MaxBoren says:

      True Dr. Belcher. At the same time, he is leaps and bounds better than Obama. As much as I hate to vote for Romney, I have decided he is better than a Gay, Muslim, Marxist, who is the most pro-abortion (Murder) advocate ever. I sure support Todd Akin as well. At least Romney is honest enough and thoughtful enough to at least listen to real conservative, life begins at conception, folks like me. No one is perfect and, clearly Romney has issues, but I will not vote third party this time, it is just to important to get rid of Obama.

    • boccagalupe says:

      So what’re ya gonna do Greg?? Vote for Obama??

  4. I am a woman and yes I vote with a body part, my brain. And I would rather vote for a mormon than a moron. We need to clean out Congress. They have contributed to this mess, especially the democrats. They create the mess and then expect Taxpayers to pay for their mess. If we worried about every Gaffe made, then Biden certainly wouldn’t be in office today. He makes almost one or more at every one of his speeches, like asking the guy in a wheel chair to stand up and take a bow. And one of the very worst ones, was Obama saying you didn’t build that, someone else made that happen. If you ask me, it is the dems who have a war on women.

    • Kat says:

      I love your statement…. You’d rather vote for a Mormon than a moron! So true! I have to remember that!

    • a conservative lady. says:

      You guys accuse the left of distorting everything and taking things out of context, yet you yourself are doing that RIGHT HERE with the “you didn’t build that” comment.

  5. Barbara Cook says:

    I could feel your passion as I was reading the artilcle! So eloquently written. thank you!

  6. dHb says:

    Wonderful comments. I have denied contributions to several organizations seeking funds for conservative senate candidates because they wimped out and would not include Todd Akin. I wish him good luck and hope he wins.

  7. Hogan181 says:

    I cannot wait for Todd to kick McCaskill’s back side. On November 7, I plan to write a scathing letter to the Republican party about them abandoning Aiken, especially when he was the primary winner. Who are they to withhold funds because they believe he won’t win. They took their eyes off the prize, that is to take the Senate back from Obama lovers like Claire. She was told by the state of Missouri, to the tune of 71% that we didn’t want Obamacare. I am only one of many who sent e-mail after e-maildiectly to her, saying that we didn’t want Obamacare, yet she voted for it in spite of all of that. She does not represent the people of Missouri and does not deserve to be rewarded with 6 more years to be in D.C. betraying her constitutients!

  8. mcbee555 says:

    I’m a Republican who doesn’t necessarily agree with everything the RNC states. I disagreed with the RNC’s decision not to support Todd Akin’s candidacy. We need to beat McCaskill and Akin can do it. I’ve been supporting Akin via Sen. Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund. The donations go to Conservative Senate candidates and Jim DeMint knows a Conservative when he sees one. I hope folks will donate, it’ll help Akin and the other Conservatives, even at this late date. No donation is too small, we must elect a Conservative Senate majority to rid ourselves of Harry Reid and a Senate that has done nothing…not even a successful budget vote! Please support Senate Conservative Fund.
    We need to hurry on this!

  9. Thank you Gina you are so right about the Akins. We only met them this year and they are all that you say. Todd is all that you say! Sorry I missed you when you came out! My family had a nice visit with you though! Lord bless you in your ministry of speaking and teaching common sense. Blessings,

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