What is it with Jews and Obama?

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Being Jewish and coming from a traditional Jewish family, I have many Jewish friends both in and out of the entertainment industry. They go to Temple on high holidays, they raise their children with traditional Jewish values and they support Israel. Many, if not most, of the Jewish people I know are Democrats, as that is traditionally the political party that we Jews have most identified with through the years. And, because many of our past Democratic leaders have strongly supported Israel, we felt like we were being represented. Israel and its security are very important to most Jews.

Hillary Clinton was the chosen one because Jews adored Bill Clinton. But Hillary suddenly got ousted by then unknown Barack Obama. So with nowhere to turn—being that “scary” Sarah Palin was not even an option, even though she was #2 on the ticket–a huge majority of Jewish people took a leap of faith and voted for Barack Obama.  After all, Obama seemed intelligent and likable. He said he would “bring us together” as a nation. He talked a lot about “hope” and “change.”This sounded good after eight years of wars and partisanship. Yes there were nagging questions about Obama’s religious leanings after the Reverend Jeremiah “G*d damn America” Wright debacle, but Obama denounced him. And though there were some lingering questions about Mr. Obama’s associations with radicals like Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall, the media seemed satisfied that this candidate was a moderate, so we did too. Plus, voting for the first black President made us Jews feel good.

Barack Obama won 74% of Jewish votes in 2008 compared to 23% for Arizona Sen. John McCain. Obama’s total was 3 percentage points less than Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry’s in 2004, but more than any Democratic presidential candidate from 1972-1988.

Many conservatives wonder why Jews support the Democratic Party, generally, and President Obama, specifically, so strongly. Edward Klein and Richard Z. Chesnoff of the Jewish World Review give a good explanation:

In the nearly 80 years since President Franklin Roosevelt launched the New Deal with a pledge to “help the forgotten man,” relations between American Jews and the Democratic Party have been as close as lips and teeth. Even as Jews prospered and assimilated into the mainstream of American life, most of them remained loyal to F.D.R.’s liberal vision and refrained from following the pattern of other affluent groups by shifting to the Republican Party. Over the course of the past 20 elections, 75 percent of the Jewish vote has on average gone to the Democratic presidential candidate. As the old saying goes, “Jews earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans.”

Bret Stephens, a deputy editor of The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page, wrote:

The black-Jewish alliance was shattered in the late 1960s, and Jews have yearned ever since to restore it. Jews felt good about voting for Obama, for not only were they voting for a guy they agreed with and liked, but they were also voting for a kind of redemption.

As to why Jews still support President Obama so strongly, Ben Shapiro of wrote:

The answer is deceptively simple:  the Jews who vote for Obama are, by and large, Jews In Name Only (JINOs). They eat bagels and lox; they watch “Schindler’s List”; they visit temple on Yom Kippur — sometimes. But they do not care about Israel. Or if they do, they care about it less than abortion, gay marriage and global warming.

I have my own term for JINOs: “Woody Allen Jews.” I work with these types. Their loyalty is to progressivism, as that is their religion. Israel isn’t even a factor. Woody Allen Jews would almost rather skydive without a parachute before they would vote Republican (what would the neighbors think?).

So while our President bows before a Saudi king, gives speeches expressing his support for democracy in the Arab world (while apologizing for perceived misdeeds by the US), meets with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi of Egypt (who has made no bones about blasting Israel off the face of the earth), and actively attempts to overthrow America’s allies of the Arab world, he avoids Israel’s democratically elected Prime Minister Netanyahu like the plague. After all, “The View” awaits. And when Netanyahu sounds the alarm about the impending nuclear threat to America and Israel by Iran, Obama brushes it off as mere “noise.” The fact that Obama has been to Israel exactly zero times since becoming President speaks volumes — to those willing to see the facts as they truly are.

The good news is, some Jews are starting to wake up. No doubt it is tough for a group to give up their lifelong attachment and identity with the Democratic Party. But after the spectacle at the DNC Convention, when the Democrat delegates decided to stick it to Israel and leave Israel (and God) out of their platform, Obama saw his support slip among Jews. That was a big turning point.

Gallup recently reported that Obama was receiving 64% of Jewish votes in its tracking poll, down from 74% in 2008. But 64% still seems high in light of the Middle East implosion and the lack of support to our most important ally in the region. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not perfect, but for an American president to disrespect an ally like him is truly disturbing. Obama treats our enemies with more dignity.

Israel is, and has been, an important American ally and a vital resource in American national security.  This alone is significant; as well as what Obama is saying by implication about U.S. security in tossing Israel to the wolves.

As a Jew and as a supporter of Israel, I hope my fellow Jews will think about what is best for America when they go into the polling booth on November 6. I hope they realize that a vote for social issues and political correctness could be a vote for condemning Israel to being a sitting duck surrounded by the Arab Spring (turned Winter), the Muslim Brotherhood and a soon to be nuclear Iran.



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Anita Gunn

California PolitiChick "Anita Gunn" is a closeted conservative working the entertainment business. Anita started at a major talent agency, assisting a well-known music agent, and is now a VP at a major movie studio. Anita grew up in a very liberal Jewish home, and bought the Utopian dream of a one world government and social justice for all. Anita did her best to "save the planet," pontificating about how the evil Republicans and greedy corporations were destroying the earth. 9/11 shook Anita's foundation and everything that she believed. By the time Obama burst into the scene in 2007, Anita was morphing into a conservative. “Of course, coming out of the closet as a conservative in the entertainment industry is pretty much career suicide,” she says, so in 2011, the name "Anita Gunn" was born. Anita has done commentary about the culture war on such radio shows as the “Dr. Gina Show,” “Real Side with Joe Messina” and “Socialism is not an Option” on Blog Talk Radio. Anita started a secret conservative Facebook group which has 1000 active members, and is part of another secret group of artists who behind such videos as “Cruz Against the Machine.” There are still some remnants from Anita’s liberal days, “including the love of Astrology and wearing platforms and bellbottoms”--and yet signs of her conservative switch can be seen by her ever-present gun necklace. Anita says her goal is to “help rebrand and hip up the conservative movement to include more artists, musicians, actors, gays and minorities and young people.” Anita's belief is that if she saw the light, there are others who would also embrace the conservative movement, if only just shown the way. Follow Anita Gunn on Twitter @AnitaGunn1.

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  1. Liberals are Liberals first, everything else is secondary. I grew up around my brother and his friends from Pitt and Duquesne, the biggest bunch of snobby elitists any normal person (including me) would not want to be around. “You can pick your friends, but not your relatives” was written for me.
    Liberalism knows no boundaries, they will seek each other out and Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney are the first topics outta their collective pieholes. They will listen to you speak and completely ignore the evidence and then go put on their striped pants and checkered sports coats and bow ties and go stand on the street corner with their copy of Rules for Radicals, thinking great thoughts and covered in pigeon poop.

  2. What is it with the apparent Jewish cultural psyche that ignore threats until it’s too late to escape? I bet that the European Jews who never bothered to read — or to believe — Mein Kampf would be rooting for Obama today.

    • rosemarienoa says:

      It’s called burying your head in the sand!!! If we dont see it or hear it then it cant be true!!!

    • It’s not a bet. They are rooting for Obama. BTW, what other famous politician got into office by promising every interest group that their issues were his No 1 issue? And once in office, betrayed all of those groups and even threw some in work camps? Oh yeah, and he wrote a book that no one saw for what it was. And, he bombed Britain with drones!!!

    • mcbee555 says:

      Many wouldn’t have believed it if they did read it. They would have regarded Hitler as a minor “Upstart,” They still believed in “The Fatherland.” After all, many had proved their devotion to Germany in WW1, 19,000 having been awarded Iron Cross decorations….a severe miscalculation of Hitler and the Nazis!

    • Anita Gunn says:

      Exactly, Keith. We Jews never learn.

  3. Lainie Sloane says:

    Excellent article! I appreciate your insight. Thanks, A-G!

  4. the Hollywood Jews and media love Obama but Obama don’t like BB and Israel Iam very confused

  5. mcbee555 says:

    Woody Allen Jews is such an appropriate title, it certainly fits that bunch of Obama lovers at last night’s debate, from in and around NYC! An amazing difference took place in Las Vegas last night, in a Frank Luntz voter discussion forum of a cross section of Nevadans.
    Most had voted for Obama in 2008, yet a count of raised hands revealed that 90% of them were adamantly against Obama and will vote for Romney after seeing the first two debates.
    Quite a few of those Nevadans identified as Jewish. There must be something in that New York water! I think NYC Jews vote along with those Woody Allen Jews of Hollywood. I also think that any Jew who supports Obama also sells out his brothers and sisters in Israel, therefore while they may have been born Jewish, but have abandoned Judaism for Socialism.

  6. Jillian says:

    Great column, Anita. I wonder why the Democratic Jews can’t remember how persecuted they were in the ’30′s and ’40′s, millions annihilated by a selp-appointed dictator/messiah mad man. If Obama’s plan comes to fruition, Israel will again be persecuted and slaughtered by Egypt and Iran. America has worked hard to protect them since but now I wonder. Why are billions of dollars going to Egypt so they can war on Israel? What the Islamic people, and many others do not remember from their teachings is that the Jews are God’s chosen people. God gave them Israel and He will protect them.

    • Mark Ward says:

      Maybe it’s because a lot of the Democovet Jews are sore at America’s framers for stealing stuff out of the Bible (Old & New Testaments) to use as a guide for the establishment of a republican form of government — and they never got the small ‘r’ thing quite right (the D-Jews not the Founders).

    • Anita Gunn says:

      Like I said, JINOS care more about abortion and global warming than Israel. Progressivism is the religion of choice. i used to be like that, but I wised up. If we can peel away enough Jews to vote for Romney on Nov. 6, we may still have a change. Otherwise, I’m afraid Israel is doomed.

  7. For this reason Jews deserve all the misery that can be heaped upon them. I am sick that our military are defending Jews that#1 Do not serve in the military #2 Actively go out of their way to mess up this country in media ,music and movies that drags this country into the sewer.

    • Fred Campbell says:

      As a Christian, I object to your sweeping denunciation of Jews. Yes, their logical errors in supporting “Liberal” causes and demagogues and the likes of Obama are difficult to understand. But, “redemption” can (and will happen. Ben Stein, David Horowitz and a legion of others have discovered kindred souls and ideologies “on the right”.

      It is far better to pray for their enlightenment than to deride them due to their current political errors.

      As a culture and a people, they have contributed mightily to civilization and science. They will continue to serve in the future.

    • mark says:

      plenty of Jews in the military, and plenty more (like me) actively help this country in many ways. as a white American male, we all know Obama could not be elected without the white vote. Jews didn’t do it, and neither did blacks. so I guess WE deserve all the misery heaped upon us.

  8. HowardLast says:

    The liberal Jews have a God and a bible. Their God is Joe Stalin’s best friend FDR and their bible is the New York Slimes (oops Times). We used to reside (I could not call it living) in Great Neck, NY before we relocated to God’s Country, Wyoming. If Stalin was running against Lenin one of the idiots in Great Neck would have written a letter to the newspaper saying all the candidates are too conservative. If they were in Berlin in the 30′s they would have voted for Adolph.

  9. 2bvictorius says:

    American Jews hold mostly anti American values and are anti Israel period, although they never fail to use their jewry to maintain their victim hood status which seems to always translate into personal enhancement of both money and access to positions for which they may not be qualified or deserving. If this sounds like affirmative action, you would be correct. The fact is the jews are mostly responsible for just about all of the affirmative action laws, regulations and dictates that stripped away the Constitutional rights of the white race, making them less equal in the eyes of the law and on the scales of blind justice, than those of a different color, or culture.
    Jews have been largely responsible for the advance of Marism/communism and other anti American philosophies since the mid 19th century. They are totally responsible for the central banking and federal reserve system which is a deathblow to free market enterprise and of freedom and liberty.

    • mark says:

      yeah, and I heard Jews make cake out of the blood of dead Arab babies! could you not find another stale stereotype??

    • mcbee555 says:

      I must disagree. In my productive years, I was middle management in one of our largest American corporations. Not one Jew who had risen to prominence in our corporation didn’t deserve promotion, the only “affirmitive” we had was an affirmitive of requiring hard work and creativity for all, regardless of faith or creed..
      You seem to have found a reason to vent your spleen about your feelings towards Jews. You oughtn’t construe that this forum is a “Jew hunt.” It started out with a political question, lest we forget.
      Perhaps you should also consider that many of the medical advancements and medications available to us today were developed by Jews. You may be using such medications now.
      My grandson serves on a nuclear-powered sub, they were developed by an Admiral whose name escapes me right now, but I know he is Jewish. Today’s nuclear submarines are our country’s first line of defense.

    • Dave L says:

      Never forget the Holocaust, for the same reasons liberal blacks never let us forget slavery. Neither has anything to do with the majority of Americans today, but pulling those cards is a free pass to say and do anything the average white male would be pilloried for.

  10. Mary says:

    Its ironic that Democrat icon, Franklin Roosevelt, refused German Jewish refugees admission to the United States. Drifting from country to country seeking refuge, the refugee ship was forced to return to Nazi Germany. Other European countries took in the refugees, but these would eventually be overrun by the Nazis. Most of the refugees would end up dying in concentration camps. If you think FDR was blissfully ignorant of the persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany when he refused those refugees admission, then I’ve got some ocean front property in Montana to sell you.
    Also the KKK, which also terrorized Jews, was the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party.
    Like black Americans who disregard the racist history of the Democrat party and give it their blind loyalty, Jews disregard a dubious history as well.
    I agree that liberals are liberals first, black, Jewish, or Catholic second.

  11. OCnStiggs says:

    When asked why the majority of American Jews are liberal, a very conservative Jewish friend told me, “Its because of a guilt. Guilt because they survived. Guilt because they thrived after the war. And guilt because they continue in their success today. They always want to be seen as pulling for everyman, the lower end of the financial spectrum. They think by doing so, they will avoid another holocaust. If they pull for the system that makes life easier for the common man, the common man will never turn on them.”

    My response, and he agrees with me… they are sewing the seeds of their own demise.

  12. to change the subject a little, I don’t understand how someone can call themselves Catholic(Biden) and vote for Obama, there are plenty of religions out there to fit your beliefs!!

    • mcbee555 says:

      The truth be told, about 40% of Catholics voted for Obama. Like many other Americans, certain Catholics have become “liberalized” and have departed from Church teachings. These people would prefer the options of abortion, birth control devices, same sex marriages. They, like many others of different faiths, hardly attend church services, or not at all. Catholics are a very significant voting bloc, representing about 36% of the American vote.
      It used to be an axiom in my family never to discuss politics or religion. We can’t avoid those topics anymore, we need to bring this into normal discussion, we need to encourage those who’ve strayed from faith to return to it.
      Separation of Church and State means our government shall prescribe no national religion, but it was never meant to delete faith from our thought processes.
      “In God We Trust.” What about that, America?

  13. 67primrose says:

    Not very long ago I watched the movie “Ship of the Damned” with Faye Dunaway. It was a tear jerking, downer and very emotional movie. As I sat watching it. I was disgusted with FDR for not giving those people sanctuary for their religious beliefs alone. He could hav e done it for humanitarian reasons, but failed to do that.
    Here we are in 2012 and the same Democrat Party is bending over backwards to giving all illegal aliens amnesty so they can get their votes when they become citizens. It doesn’t matter their religion, their race, their backgrounds. If that happens, the country will never be the same….ever.
    Now Obama has been negating Israel’s relationship with the U. S. along with the British. Two of our closest allies. If I was Jewish, I’d reappraise my evaluation of whose side Obama’s on real quick. The voters, having hired Obama into the chief executive office of the largest U. S. government (corporation), is the same as hiring an “inexperienced level clerk” with no experience to run Apple. What a disasterous experience for the country.

  14. Donna Casas says:

    “that is traditionally the political party that we Jews have most identified with through the years”
    The above is pretty much what my Jewish ex-mother in law told my son when he asked her why she was going to vote for Obama ……again. So he sat her down in front of the computer and went over all the information he had on why she shouldn’t vote for him. Afterward she was a little embarrassed and said she had no idea what he was really about. Now she’s voting for Romney and promised to call my son with any questions she had, which she has done. Score one for the kid!

  15. mjsmart says:

    One of the reasons that I shy away from regular attendance and involvement with our temple is that I feel surrounded by the indoctrinated, who rely on the NYT,CNN, and John Stewart for their global information and opinion. They blindly follow in their parents’ footsteps, without doing the thinking and questioning that Jews pride ourselves in. It seems to concentrate in the Reform Movement, which has the greatest numbers of Jews (aka;JINOs). The Conservatives and Orthodox Jews strongly favor Republicans, because they actually THINK.

  16. mjsmart says:

    One additional thought. Many Jews have grown up at a time when Jews were persecuted by Christians. I myself was chased home from school labeled a “Christ Killer” by kids that attended the Catholic school around the corner. It has been difficult. We were often approached to accept Jesus as our savior, to avoid going to Hell. It was unjust. Based upon that history, the very close affiliation of Evangelical Christianity with the Republican Party, frankly makes even me uncomfortable, but I extend to them a courtesy of acceptance that I rarely received. Many Jews are not that trusting.

    • mark says:

      I just remind them without us Jews, Christ would have died a natural death, leaving His Father’s prophecy unfulfilled, and then where would they be? some of them get it.

  17. Patriot says:

    Read the book entitled, “How Do You Kill 11 MILLION PEOPLE?” by Andy Andrews – all about the Holocaust. The answer: LIE TO THEM! hat is exactly what OWEbama is doing to the Jews and to the USA. PLEASE, I beg you, do your research – we must vote OWEbama out of the WH. Pray hard, work diligently to roust this administration and his minions.

  18. Watchdogman says:

    I understand why God called them his chosen people…They simply act like a deer in the headlights…When are they going to understand life is dangerous, especially for them. The Muslims want their heads! But they continue to support a Muslim President???
    Jews are a screwed up bunch in my humble opinion..

    • mcbee555 says:

      You’re probably alluding to American Jews, who aren’t much different from Americans of other religious persuasions who automatically support Democrats. Let’s not forget that it took more than a vote from 78% of Jews to put Obama in the White House! Let’s call it like it is, of the approx. 7 million American Jews, it’s hardly feasible that all are voter registered. There are underaged kids, infirmed, and those who don’t vote, etc. What are we discussing here, about 3 million, if that, of a Jewish voting bloc? Out of 310 million Americans, that isn’t very significant. Then, how did Obama get about 54% of the total American vote? Who were all the others, the non-Jews? As a road sign I saw in Alabama read, “You proved you weren’t a racist by voting for Obama, now prove you have brains by not voting for him again!” American Jews are an interesting subject, perhaps comments here will cause them to reflect, but let’s face it, people….there are many more to discuss besides those identified as Jews. Plus, as the point was well-taken by another comment here, how many people who you think of as Jews aren’t living life as Jews? Those folks are more akin to Socialists, another religion of its own. Only in America!

  19. Jack K says:

    When you read about and understand Jewish history, and particularly what happened to the Jewish people prior to, during and after the Holocaust, how could anyone reason why Jewish Americans do not favor Conservitive values and those of the Republican Party? Maybe the explanation begins with reasons like “Jinos”, but there are many religious American Jews that continue to support Democratic candidates, and worse, Progressive values. I can’t figure out why they reject the principles of less government, more private freedom over progressive values. Weren’t their ancestors the victims of too much government in their lives? If there was any ethnic group, given their immediate ancestors’ history, that should value American conservative ideals, it is the American Jew. Yet they continue to champion progressive candidates and the Democratic party. Go figure!

    • mcbee555 says:

      Jack K: In the past, I had the same difficulty in understanding the behavior you describe now. I had a religious Jewish co-worker and we developed a very amiable relationship over the years. I knew that he abided by all of his religious holidays and ritual, and finally got up the nerve to ask him about so many things about his faith, facts that eluded me most of my adult life. He invited me to his home, we had discussion, I visited his synogogue with him. To my surprise, about 75% of what I thought, prior to my good friend’s efforts, were contradictions…old, bigoted, folk tales! What I didn’t know, but I asked about and that man was happy to enlighten me. To my surprise, he knew far more of my religious faith than I had known of his!
      Today, we are better friends because there is more understanding. By the way, I had adhered to the old “No discussion of politics or religion,” therefore never knew that he’s as conservative as I am

  20. Richard says:

    Being a “slightly older” American Jew–I remember my Dad telling me how only The Democrats had our best interest in mind–and how the Rich looked down on us (the Republicans)–and saw us only as 2nd class citizens. My Dad had some Jewish friends that marched along side Marty Luther King –hand in hand (showing solidarity among oppressed minorities). My dad was called a Marxist among other names back in the day!
    My parents were always preaching to us kids how FDR saved the country and got us back on the road to prosperity! I was always a Democrat until maybe 20 years ago–when I decided to pay serious attention (and yes made some money and became tired of the high taxes and government Entitlement programs–draining our economy).
    Over the last 20 years –I’ve convinced many other Jews to open their minds and see the truth of what really is going on in our country. The tax and spend progressives have killed the old Democratic party–and I’m a very conservative Republican now days–and proud of it! I also am sick and tired of Mr. Obama’s lack of support for Israel and have relatives living there–that say to me that “Obama” is the worst thing to happen to the USA in a hundred years! Go Mitt—we are counting on you! A conservative Jew–and proud to be one!

    • Dave L says:

      I think that’s more of a generational – or maybe an immigrant thing. My grandfather used to call Democrats “the party of the people.” He was a British ex-patriate and not Jewish, but I think many then viewed all Dems as equivalent to FDR. You know, the guy that only pulled us out of the depression by getting us into a world war.

  21. “Obama is a Muslim, who has been taught since birth that the Jews are the cause of all evil in the world and should be annihilated.” a quote from my ex-Muslim lover who boasted the same rhetoric. I am ashamed of myself for the relationship, but without the experience I would not be here to warn you. Obama has not visited Israel, because it would be like a vampire kissing a cross. My post will surely be deleted.

  22. Seewetoldu says:

    Wow, a very enlightening article. I am always have been curious of the Jewish culture and their typically Liberal voting mentality. One thing I know is all my Conservative friends and I have always supported Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu without hesitation. And watching Obama snub Benjamin Netanyahu is absolutely revolting. Maybe with the help from Anita Gunn we can get some liberals to think about converting.

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